Did you know that the average cost of remodeling a bathroom in the United States was just over $8,000 in 2021? 

Aside from kitchens, bathrooms are one of the most important and expensive rooms to update. 

If your bathroom needs a renovation to get brought back to life, there are a few items to consider getting, 

Keep reading if you want to know about some of the best additions and projects to try in your new bathroom! 

Automatic Faucets

One of the best things to consider for your new bathroom is automatic faucets.

Automatic faucets are wonderful when they are properly working. You can get this type of faucet in many styles to match your bathroom decor. These faucets have multiple benefits that will help keep you and your family safe.

It will be less likely that germs will spread in the house since family members and guests won’t have to touch anything. This also comes in handy when a mess occurs and you can’t use your hand to turn the sink on. 

Upgrade Countertops 

Another bathroom upgrade to think about doing is the countertops.

Many people are swapping their old countertops with more luxurious materials. Materials like granite, quartz, and marble are easy to clean and more durable. You don’t have to worry about anyone burning the counter with a flat-iron or curler since these materials are so strong. 

New countertops can be a bit expensive since they get custom-made and are valuable materials. Keep this in mind while you are budgeting and don’t hesitate to get a quote. 

Double Vanity

If you are looking for bathroom improvements that will create more space, you should consider a double vanity.

Double vanities give you more space to get ready and two people can brush their teeth at once. Not only is this a practical upgrade, but it is also visually pleasing and can make your bathroom look more luxurious. 

The vanity will even offer double the drawer and cabinet space. This makes organizing much easier and you don’t have to have personal items on display! 

Walk-in Shower

The ultimate bathroom addition for any home is a walk-in shower.

Walk-in showers are practical, visually pleasing, and convenient. You don’t have to step over the tub with these showers and they typically have plenty of space to clean up in. Looking at jorgensenflooring.com will give you an idea about some of the best prices for a walk-in that fits your home.

Since not all homes offer the space for a walk-in shower, you might have to spend more money or sacrifice part of the shower size.  


Do you spend your evening night laying in the tub with wine and a good book?

Or maybe you have children that love to play in the tub after dinner? Adding a skylight can turn these events into something even more special. A skylight will let you watch the stars and moon while you relax and it also adds the perfect lighting. 

Kids love skylight windows since they can watch the weather and see the changes during different times of the year. If you can’t add a skylight, consider adding more windows to the room, one-way privacy screens can protect you while still allowing the view to get seen. 

Closet Addition

Depending on the design of your bathroom, you might be able to connect your bathroom with another space or split it up.

Either way you decide, you can add closet space in the bathroom if you need more room for storage. Adding a closet will help you conceal personal items so that they aren’t exposed on the shelves for guests to see. You can also use them for storing towels, blankets, and medical equipment. 

Some people are expanding their current closets into walk-ins so that they can easily access what they need. 

Heated Flooring 

Did you know that you can get heated flooring for your bathroom?

Heated flooring in the bathroom is a perfect upgrade and will prevent you from getting cold feet. Walking barefoot on the bathroom floor in the winter can be a chilly task, but this addition will help ensure that you are comfortable. Your kids will also love the heated floor since they won’t get as cold after a bath either. 

If you have linoleum, hardwood, or tile floors, you can get heating features that won’t get overwhelming. 

Seating Area

Finding convenient items for your bathroom upgrade can be challenging if you also want something practical.

Putting a sitting area in the bathroom can help avoid injury and make you more comfortable. Seats are primarily used for older people, especially in the shower, but they are also perfect for kids. Cleaning up the children, shaving, and catching your breath will become possible with a seat.

Depending on your preferences, you can include a seating area outside or inside of the shower. Many people also include a curtain near the sitting area in case someone wants to change clothes in privacy. 

What Will Your New Bathroom Look Like?

If you have been dreaming of a new bathroom and have the money saved, there are a few items you need to get. 

Not only are these bathroom essentials useful, but they also make your home look more luxurious. Think about the issues and flaws that your current bathroom has to prioritize which additions you need. Don’t forget to decorate the room with your style so that you can relax while bathing and getting ready. 

Skipping these essentials could leave your room feeling empty and incomplete. 

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By Manali