When you put up a bar or redesign your kitchen, the final stunning aspect that will go with it must be perfect. Hence, that is finding the best bar stools.

There are countless tips and guides online on choosing these bar stools. Yet, the challenging part of choosing bar stools is finding what will work best.

Need help choosing the best ones for your kitchen or business? Get the best bar stools by following our guide here.

Verify Bar Height

Height is, of course, a crucial consideration. It seems self-evident, yet there are circumstances requiring height verification.

The standard counter height measures 42 inches, and the usual barstool is 29-32 inches. Although there are exceptions, any standard-height bar stools should fit under any bars.

After you’ve measured your bar, double-check the height of the stool you’re considering. This way, you’re sure it’s within the standard range.

Consider Function

Before diving into stool selection, always consider the function. There are loads of reasons why one stool style is preferable over another.

If you want more flexibility, pick swivel stools or backless stools. If you need comfort, look for ones with arms or upholstery.

For business, simple saddle seat barstools do the trick. It’s sturdy and can support more weight than you can guess.

Some parents with small children choose not to use swivel or backless stools. Others want to be able to move them around their house and use them for a range of functions.

Whatever your reason, make sure you enjoy the function of your stools as much as the way they look.

Pick a Style That Suits You

What works best in your home and business depends on its design. It may be fun skimming through designer stools, but it’s tricky.

Mix and Match Styles

We love a nice contrast, particularly when it comes to kitchen design. Juxtapose traditional spaces with more modern bar pieces. Different styles usually balance each other out, creating intrigue.

If your kitchen or business space has a traditional design, adding a modern iron stool can elevate the room.

Sprinkle Some Texture

Adding texture is such a game-changer in interior design. It brings in an unexpected twist on the usual, and bar stools are perfect for it.

Opt for textural bar stools to serve as accents in your kitchen.

Material and Finish

There are various factors to consider when it comes to materials and finishes. Do you want metal stools, acrylic stools, or wood stools?

Barstool materials are often chosen based on the finishes that surround the stool.

If your floor is dark or of dark wood, contrast the stool with the bar area by choosing a light-painted one. Whether the stool’s backless or not, picking a light-painted barstool is for you.

Choose a dark finish if the bar face or floor is white or light-colored. Also, if you haven’t yet, you can get acrylic bar stools here.

Find the Best Bar Stools Today

After spending so much money on design, splurging on barstools can feel heavy. Don’t fret because there are some reasonable pricing solutions.

We hope you’ll find the best bar stools for your home and business by following this guide. For more interior design content, check the rest of our posts.

By Manali