Going to work every day is a great way to keep yourself in a routine but we cannot neglect the fact that it brings along lots of stress and anxiety. It doesn’t matter what kind of a job you have; everything has its own struggles. 

The question is, how do you avoid workplace anxiety? What do you do to keep yourself sane? Do you take anti-anxiety medications? Well, it’s certainly an option but all allopathic anti-anxiety medicines make you slow and drowsy. Instead of improving your work performance, they make you slow and lethargic. 

Hence, it’s best if you stick to natural remedies. The following are a few ways you can put workplace anxiety to sleep: 

A Morning Walk 

The best way to start the day is by a morning walk. Before you hit the office, go to a nearby park and walk for 20-30 minutes. The greenery will soothe your mind and refresh it. Plus, it will increase the number of endorphins in your bloodstream. 

Endorphins are happy chemicals that uplift your mood and decrease fatigue. It’s the best remedy to keep anxiety at bay and stay active throughout the day. 


The next thing is meditation. It’s a healing process that can naturally alleviate anxiety and that too, from its root cause. For most people, the cause of anxiety is overthinking. They tend to overthink things that happened in the past and that makes them restless. 

In meditation, you breathe in and out while focusing on one thought or object. It helps you stay in the moment and you eventually learn to focus on nothing but the present. Once you learn this art, the anxiety goes away. 

Medicinal Herbs 

Contrary to allopathic anti-anxiety medications, herbs and plants never make you slow or lethargic. In fact, they relieve fatigue and boost your energy levels. One of such plants and herbs is cannabis, also known as marijuana. 

Medical marijuana is often prescribed to people with chronic anxiety and stress. Thankfully, many online dispensaries like now offer high-quality marijuana online. I suggest you order it and see it for yourself. 

Support Groups 

Speaking about your fears and worries can help you get them out of your system. As a matter of fact, your worries and fears leech off you. They keep eating your energy away and leave you with nothing but restlessness and sadness. 

Joining a support group can help you out. In a support group, you’ll get to meet people with anxiety. Some of them may be new while others would be recovering. Exchanging experiences will certainly help you get over yours. 

A Well-Balanced Diet 

A lot of food items are famous for boosting energy and calming the mind. Similarly, many foods and beverages negatively contribute to your stress and anxiety levels. For example, food items including caffeine may elevate your anxiety levels. The same goes for sugary foods and beverages. 

Thus, you must cut back on caffeine, sugar, and carbohydrates. Add more fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet and make sure to take lots and lots of protein. They will help improve your mental and physical health.  And that’s about it… Please ensure to follow the tips mentioned above and say goodbye to workplace anxiety, once and for all. 

By Manali