Chronic Stress

Stress is your body’s natural response to fearful situations. Anything that pulls you out of your comfort zone causes stress, and it is okay. However, it’s not okay if you remain stressed day and night and in case that interferes with your sleep.  

They say access to everything is bad and the same goes for stress. In case of chronic stress, immediate treatment is necessary or it can turn into something more destructive like depression, a mood disorder that eventually leads you to suicide. Thankfully, a number of natural remedies work well against chronic stress. They include: 

Regular Exercise 

First and foremost, you need to start exercising daily. It is one thing that can naturally regulate your stress levels while keeping you physically and mentally fit. It doesn’t have to be a particular exercise. The idea is to get moving.  

You can either go for a walk every day in the morning or the evening or you can hit the gym if your routine allows. I prefer walking in the morning before leaving for the office in a park nearby. The greenery leaves a soothing impression on my mind.  

Mindfulness-Based Yoga  

The second thing is yoga. It is one of the most beneficial things when it comes to stress reduction. A few body stretches can help relieve physical tension and mental exhaustion at the same time. Not to mention, it is also effective for reshaping your body, which naturally boosts confidence.  

In order to make yoga more effective, you should practice mindfulness with it. Mindfulness-based yoga works well for releasing your stress. It also teaches you to live in the moment, saving you the trouble of overthinking which is usually the cause of stress. 

Medicinal Herbs  

Instead of taking those allopathic antidepressants, you should go with medicinal herbs. As they’re all-natural, they have minimal to no side effects. One of the finest medicinal herbs for stress relief is cannabis. It has natural healing properties, so it soothes your mind like none other.  

Thankfully, cannabis is now legal in various American and Canadian states. It is all because experts have considered its health benefits and stress reduction happens to be one of them. I recently tried 200mg THC gummies and I must tell you they worked wonders for me.  

Minimal Screen Time  

There is no point in thinking of reducing stress if you’re not going to reduce screen time. I agree that smartphones, laptops, and tablets are not ignorable as they’re a regular part of our lives but you can at least reduce the screen time to make a difference.  

It goes without saying that overuse of smartphones negatively contributes to your stress and anxiety. Several studies have also validated it. Apart from that, your screen time also interferes with your sleep, so another reason it needs to be avoided.  


Other than the tips mentioned above, please ensure that you follow a proper self-care routine. As a matter of fact, self-care is of utmost importance when speaking of stress management. It involves many things, from body massage and aromatherapy to having a warm bath and reading a book before bed.  

As an additional tip, I would like to highlight that reading a comic book or watching a funny video always helps. It takes your attention off the stressful situation and helps you relax for a bit, which is exactly what you need when stressed.   Pretty simple, isn’t it? Follow the aforementioned tips and see the difference for yourself. Good luck!

By Manali