The soccer we know today was invented by the English in 1863. But the game had been played for thousands of years before then. There’s evidence that the beautiful game was played by the Chinese as far back as the 2nd century.

Today, the game looks much different than in its early days. Whether it’s rules or fans, the sport is constantly changing and adapting to suit the modern era.

It’s now the 3rd most popular sport in the US, with an average attendance of over 21,000 soccer fans in the MLS. And if you’re part of the crowds that regularly attend matches each season, you’ll understand these five things only true soccer fans know!

1. Loyalty Whether It’s Win, Lose or Draw

All real sports fans feel joy, heartbreak, and boredom at some stage in the season. 

Of course, it’s easy to support your team when they’re winning. Real supporters feel the deep pain of losing to a last-minute goal to their biggest rivals. But they’re always able to overcome the rollercoaster of emotions. 

Just after taking a day (or three) off work to recover!

2. Apocalyptic Rage After Being Told “It’s Just a Game”

No. It is not just a game. 

If you’re already starting to get worked up, there’s a good chance you are a die-hard soccer fan.

People who say those words don’t understand that soccer is your passion and a part of your life. You dedicate your free time and hard-earned cash to support your club up and down the country. 

It’s essential, just like drinking 3 liters of water a day!

3. Fitting 24 Hours Worth of Action Into Halftime

Halftime is 15 minutes. It feels like 5 minutes. But you can fit a day’s work of errands into the break.

It’s your time to eat, refill drinks, go to the toilet or reply to any messages. Somehow the football gods can sense when you leave the room, and that’s when ALL the action begins. So the only time to take your eyes off the match is halftime.

4. You Suddenly Believe in Magic and Superstitions

When someone tells you about their magical religious beliefs, they’re crazy. But for 90 minutes during the game, magic is real. 

That’s because your lucky jersey or scarf helps improve your team’s performance. And there’s no way you’ll sit on the same chair when your favorite team lost that famous penalty shootout!

True fans are superstitious. They will wear anything, sit anywhere or do anything to help their team’s chances of winning!

5. Watching Matches From Across the Globe

It doesn’t matter if you’re team isn’t live on TV. There’s always another soccer match being played across the globe. 

You watch new clubs and discover new talents so you can talk about whom to sign in the upcoming transfer window. 

Betting on sports teams across the globe is another sign of being a die-hard soccer fan. You might vaguely know about clubs in Italy, but that doesn’t stop you from making money with online sports betting!

Are You One of the True Soccer Fans?

If you’re familiar with our list, you’re certainly part of the die-hard soccer fans’ club! And with the FIFA World Cup coming up later this year, it’s a special time to be a football fan. Whether you cheer on your country or admire the skills and thrills, you’ll follow the event at home or in Qatar.

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By Manali