Honoring veterans shows your appreciation for their sacrifices, courage, and selflessness in protecting our country’s liberty. You can support them this autumn so they can enjoy their holidays with their loved ones. Here’s how you can offer help for veterans:

Make Your Donations

Veterans face various challenges during the holidays — some are sick or wounded and need medical treatment, some are homeless, and others are unemployed, so they can’t afford to enjoy autumn festivities. You can help them by donating money to charities that contribute to their well-being. Monetary donations can go toward securing flight tickets to help them be with family during the holidays, buying food, and renting temporary living facilities until they get back on their feet. Your donations can also support outreach programs to educate veterans about their rights to medical assistance and compensation if they were wounded during deployment. 

You can donate supplies like blankets, clothes, and entertainment systems to veteran shelters. Such donations can help enhance veterans’ comfort and happiness. 

You can also donate your frequent flier miles to help reconnect veterans in medical facilities with their loved ones. Airline miles will enable veterans’ families to travel and spend holidays with their loved ones using free flights. There’s no limit on what you can donate — any donation can be enough to bring a smile to the faces of our veterans.

Consider Corporate Matching Gifts 

Some companies are willing to match their employee donations to support veterans. Corporate matching allows you to double your support without spending more.

Contact your company’s human resource or employee benefits department to determine if your company is willing to participate in the corporate matching. Find out if your chosen veterans charity is eligible for this aid. 

Help Veteran Families

Some veteran families face financial difficulties due to their loved ones’ handicaps, trauma, and unemployment. You can help veterans during the holidays by adopting their families. Family adoptions take many forms — you can invite them to your home over the holidays, buy them food and clothes, or purchase holiday gifts. 

These acts of kindness show veterans and their families that you recognize and appreciate them for their incredible service. 


The holidays can be lonely for veterans in hospitals without their loved ones. You can donate your time to keep them company as they recover from their illnesses. During this time, you can help them with physical therapy, cook for them, or play with them. You can also buy them gifts to mark the holidays. Call your local Veterans Affairs facility to confirm whether they accept volunteers and ask about their visiting hours. 

You can also volunteer in non-profit organizations that help veterans. Offering your services for free can reduce operational expenses, allowing the charities to reach more veterans and their families. Volunteering is a great option if you’d like to help but don’t have the financial capacity to do so. 

Thank Them 

Sending messages of thanks to veterans can go a long way in helping them enjoy their holidays. These messages can make them feel respected and appreciated for their hard work and dedication to protecting our country. 

Offer Help for Veterans This Autumn 

Supporting veterans is worthwhile because they sacrificed for our country’s peace, values, and independence. Offer help for veterans through donations and acts of kindness like volunteering and sending thank you messages. You can donate anything from money to basic living supplies to make the holidays easier for veterans and their families. Some charities also accept frequent flyer miles to help reconnect veterans in medical facilities with their loved ones. Make this autumn memorable by serving those who need and deserve your help.

By Manali