In very simple terms, a Mammogram is an x-ray on the breast of a woman and a 3D mammogram screening Boise can help in detecting cancer at the right stage and thus prove to be life-saving for a woman.

What is Mammogram?

When a woman’s breasts are x-rayed then the image is called a Mammogram. There are two main purposes for which this is taken, one is for screening for breast cancer and the second one is for other diagnostic purposes like investigating unusual findings detected in another type of diagnostic test.

Traditionally, it created a 2D image of the breast but the advancement in technology has resulted in a 3D Mammogram which is also known as breast tomosynthesis. These 3D images help the doctors in a great way because of the additional features that it has.

How is it done?

A Mammogram is a very important technology in the field of women’s health as it plays an essential role in screening for breast cancer. The process is actually very simple where the breast tissue is spread out by compressing the breast between firm surfaces and it captures the images which are later printed.

What are its uses?

A doctor suggests you get a Mammogram for two things, it can either be for screening of cancer, or for diagnostic purposes.

Sometimes, there can be changes in the breast that show no signs or symptoms but can be cancerous in nature and the Mammogram can detect them and help the treatment in a major way by detecting it when it is small and can be treated less invasively. A woman should think about getting regular mammograms after discussing the benefits and risks of screening with the doctor.

It is also used for investigating any other type of changes in the breast, for example, if you notice a lump on the breast, if your breasts pain, if you witness any kind of nipple discharge, etc. Doctors prescribe a Mammogram to evaluate these problems and treat them.

If you are thinking about getting a Mammogram, it is best that you consult the doctor as there might also be some risk factors involved. Getting a Mammogram imaging done of your breasts can help your doctor and your treatment in various ways.

By Manali