Want fluttery, lengthy lashes? Before you spend your money on a serum, here is what you should know. As everyone is talking about eyelash serums, you might be tempted to try a lash serum if you were not born with fluttery lashes and do not like dealing with the problems of falsies or extensions. Eyelash serums are designed to volumize, strengthen, and lengthen lashes, and due to the fact that Corona Virus has caused face masks to be commonplace, the beauty regimes have switched to focus solely on the eyes.

On Instagram and other social media, there are lots of glowing testimonials and celebrity endorsements, but do these serums actually work? Are they safe for your sensitive eye area? How can a person choose the best eyelash serum for her/his eyelashes? Read what ophthalmologists and dermatologists have to say about lash serums before you take the leap.

What are lash serums and how can you use them?

Lash serums are light treatments which claim to make your lashes longer and healthier. Some of the eyelash serums are combed through the lashes like mascara, and others are applied with a fine applicator along the upper lash line.

While several lash serums claim to make your lashes longer, most over-the-counter lash conditioners can just condition your lashes. That is why you should search to find the best eyelash serums available on the market. Eyelash serums can maintain lashes healthy, and help them grow longer by preventing breaking.

What are the benefits of lash serums?

Hydration and strengthening are the main benefits of OTC eyelash serums, and that is why these serums can make eyelashes appear thicker and less likely to break. By using eyelash serum, your lashes have a better chance of becoming longer and fuller since they are less likely to break.

Here are the most common ingredients which can be found in every lash serum:

  • Amino acids which builds healthy hair follicles
  • Ceramides which locks in moisture
  • Panthenol which hydrates and protect lashes from breakage
  • Peptides which nourishes and strengthens lashes
  • Biotin which improves hair’s health by strengthening keratin

Is it safe to use lash serums?

It is only logical to be careful with your eyes. Our eyes are your most sensitive organ, and the skin on your eyelids is the thinnest on your body. According to dermatologists, lash serums are harmless if you apply them correctly. But keep in mind that a lash serum, like any other skincare product, could contain substances which cause adverse reactions in some people.

It really depends on the individual, some persons are allergic to specific peptides, oils, or vitamins, while others are not. To name a few possible side effects of using eyelash serums we can name: Redness in and around the eyes, itching, inflammation, and irritation. To be on the safe side, consult your doctor before using a lash serum, especially if you have sensitive skin, are prone to allergies, or have a pre-existing eye issue. Before applying a serum to your lashes, do a patch test on a test location (away from your eyes) for several days to rule out an allergy. If you experience an allergic response to the product, stop using it right once and see an eye care professional.

What kind of outcomes should I anticipate?

Given the plethora of components contained in the different treatments, over-the-counter lash serums will offer varying outcomes. They may improve the health and appearance of your lashes in general, but do not expect them to make your lashes grow longer overnight.

How long should I use a lash serum on my lashes to see results?

As you may know, most skincare products’ results are noticeable after at least two months of usage, and lash serums are no different. In order to see effects, the substance must be used consistently—usually every day—as directed by the manufacturer or on the advice of a physician. The time it takes for the results to manifest varies from person to person, but it usually takes 3-8 weeks. Some people experience results after just one week, but most people see results after six weeks. Depending on where phase of the growth cycle your lashes were in when you started, you may have to wait up to 8-12 weeks. Please remember that even if you have not seen improvements after 8-12 weeks, we always advocate sticking it out and continuing to use the serum. They should always arrive at some point.

0-However, please note that the effects are temporary; which means after you stop using a toxin rid review and the development cycle has completed, your lashes will revert to normal.

By Manali