The problem of hair loss is the most widespread worldwide issue these days. Almost everyone encounters hair loss at some stage in their lives.  Hair fall isn’t considered a major problem until our body fails to restore the lost hair with new growth. When our body ceases to function in its normal activity of regrowth, the person starts turning bald, which results in a loss of confidence, good appearance, etc.  

All these hair loss issues ultimately lead to thinning of hair and baldness, which indicates the only beneficial and affordable hair transplant treatment. If you, too, are facing the problem of extensive hair loss and planning to opt for hair transplantation, you would be interested in knowing the cost of the overall procedure of hair transplant in India. Also, the components can differ in the cost of your hair transplant therapy. So the hair transplant surgeon at our clinic puts some effort into the ease of the patient who intends to have a hair transplant.  

Causes and symptoms 

Losing 50-100 hair strands each day are considered normal hair loss, and there’s nothing to worry about. Perhaps, if you are encountering hair loss than this and no new hair growth is observed, then it is a point of concern and can detect baldness and excessive hair thinning. 

Hair loss usually arises due to the under-mentioned reasons:

  1. Genetically accommodated 

Hereditary inheritance is the most widespread cause of hair loss which comes with aging and typically yields male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness, respectively. 

  1. Hormonal shifts

There are several reasons for hair loss, among which hormonal shifts play a major role. The hormonal changes during pregnancy, menopause, stress, childbirth, and thyroid problems. 

  1. Medications 

Certain types of drugs may show some side effects, which can result in extensive hair loss. Drugs used in chemotherapy, depression, heart problems, gout, and hypertension. 

  1. Exposure to Radiation 

Studies have revealed that exposure to radiation for a long period or excessive radiation exposure will cause hair loss issues. 


  1. Incremental thinning of hair at the top of the scalp. 
  1. Patchy, circular bald areas
  1. Sudden extensive hair loss 
  1. Full body hair loss

Expectations from hair transplant surgery

It is necessary to make patients aware of the post-operative effects and results. Usually, after a hair transplant, it is common to have a tight, achy, and swollen scalp for the initial few days. Along with momentary scabbing at the area of hair transplant or tiny incision marks. 

The test requires for diagnosis before processing to the surgery 

Before proceeding to the surgery, the doctor advises the patient to undergo the following tests: 

  • Blood Test- $1.24 to $4.96
  • Pull Test- NA
  • Scalp Biopsy- $18.61 to $37.22

Risk and Cost of hair transplant in India 

The cost of a hair transplant in India varies on factors such as the location, facilities, techniques of surgery, type of treatment, amount of hair grafts, severity and doctors. 

The rate of a hair transplant in India will rely primarily on the proportion of hair that is moved, but it commonly varies between  $4,000 to $15,000. 

Number of Grafts 
Average CostingSittings Require
750-1000 Graft$309.561 day
1000-1500 Grafts$346.71day
1500-2000 Grafts$433.071 day
2000-3000 Grafts$494.941 day
3000-3500 Grafts$566.811 day
3500-Above Grafts$618.562 days

Types of hair transplant and their cost. 

The cost of a hair transplant varies on the type of hair transplant done. There are two techniques, FUE(follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transplant), used by hair transplant specialists. FUE uses recent technology for the extraction of individual grafts. Whereas in FUT, the technique achieves the anticipated amount of grafts in less time. However, FUE is comparatively costly as it pertains to the use of the latest technology.

Factors affecting the cost of hair transplant

The cost of your hair transplant may vary depending on various factors. The factors may involve the extent of baldness and the surgeon’s mastery of the hair transplant technique used, 

The following factors may influence the rate of hair transplant treatment:

1. Grade of baldness and the Number of Grafts used. 

As of now, you are already aware that the price of a hair transplant depends on the number of grafts used. So the higher the degree of baldness, the higher will be the grafts used, which will ultimately result in a higher price.  

2. The Number of Sessions

Generally, the hair transplant surgery is completed within a day, that is, one session, which commonly takes six to eight hours. Nonetheless, some patients may require more than one session, depending on the number of grafts. If the grafts used are more than 5000, then the surgery is usually performed in two sessions. 

In such conditions, the higher the number of sessions, the higher will be the amount of treatment. 

3. Graft Donor Availability

If you do now no longer have sufficient wholesome follicles at the return of your scalp, the maximum usually used location for a graft is the beard; however, it interprets right into a better fee for hair transplant surgical procedure in India.

5. The City of Hair Transplant

The metropolis of the hair transplant surgical treatment additionally matters. For instance, hair transplant surgical procedures in Mumbai, Delhi, etc., might typically be extra expensive (because of excessive operational costs) than in Pune or different smaller towns in India.

Benefits of Hair Transplant 

The sufferers pick hair transplant surgical operations to regain the misplaced hair and repair the younger look. Other advantages of hair transplantation are as follows-

  • It gives you natural-searching hair. 
  • The bald region on your scalp could be conserved completely. 
  • You can get the quantity and thickness of hair that you desire. 
  • Having luscious and wholesome hair will raise your self-belief and self-esteem. 
  • The transplanted hair won’t want any in particular medicated shampoo or product to ultimately last longer.

Take away 

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By Manali