Hiring the service of a pest control technician would be ideal in most cases especially because of the opportunity to schedule recurring treatment for your home which would save you the stress of going DIY. 

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However, the cost of pest control service for your home would depend on the severity of pest infestation, your house size, pest types, and the frequency of visits by pest control technicians you desire.


Factors that determine the cost of pest control service for your home.

The cost of pest control service of course, depends on several factors, which make it difficult or impossible to just jump right into an answer to give a consensus cost of service.

The size of your home is an important factor any exterminator would want to find out. Apart from this, your choice of service, either a one-time or recurring service, is also imperative.

Below is the list of various determinants for the cost of your pest control service.

1. The pest type in the home.

The kind of pest in your home would determine how much you would likely pay for your home’s pest control treatments.

While the general pest treatment service could solve many pest problems, a situation where you require the extermination of targeted permits could cost much more.

2. How Big Is Your Home?

Yes! On your first inquiry with an exterminator, you would be asked questions relating to the square footage of your home, number of bedrooms, and bathrooms. Professional exterminators consider all this data to show you what you’ll pay.

3. How Large Is Your Yard?

To protect the exterior part of your house as an external barrier against pests and rodents, a professional exterminator would ask for the size of your yard. If you can’t tell, a technician can help with this information upon arrival. This need also determines how much you should prepare to spend for your home pest treatment. 

4. Severity of Infestation

The level of infection in your home may need heavy usage of treatment products or additional care, which would increase the amount of money you would likely pay.

For instance, you might need fumigation with tenting to cater for a high level of infection in your home, which would demand between $1 to $4 per square foot.

The general cost of pest control services

Because of the difficulty in telling a consensus price of pest control service due to varying factors, I have come up with what to expect from a general pest control plan.

Below is a price plan to be expected to spend for a home of 3000 Square feet with three bathrooms and three bedrooms in general. It is based on the time frame for the treatment.

This plan would be preventive for most common pests, such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, and beetles. But in the case of termites and bed bugs, additional treatments would be required.

  • Annual: $400 to $950
  • Monthly: $30 to $50
  • Per visit: $80 to $120

Pest control cost as determined by pest type

Generally, according to the above-given information, you should expect to spend between $400 to $950 in a year for a full service of pest control.

However, if you need to treat a target pest that would otherwise require special or additional treatment, you would need to see my list of control service costs per pest I’ve gathered from my research.

Read on below!

Ants: $100 to $500

Bed bugs: $300 to $5,000

Cockroaches: $100 to $400

Fleas: $75 to $400

Lice: $50 to $200

Mosquito: $100 to $500

Moths: $150 to $300

Rodents: $150 to $500

Scorpions: $50 to $300

Silverfish: $100 to $300

Spiders: $100 to $200

Termites: $2,000 to $8,000

By Manali