It is critical that physically disabled people remain active and involved in as many pastimes and hobbies that they can. Both physical exercise as well as the social interactions that this may entail are all critical components to maintain overallhealth and wellbeing. It is thus essential and necessary for disabled people to stay on the move and this article looks at how this can be achieved.

A suitable mobility scooter or wheelchair

Depending on the physical disability in question, it is recommended to have a mobility scooter or wheelchair that will allow you to travel freely in your local environs. Being able to move about freely and with ease is the basis of staying active and on the move. All access to the living space and living area must be simple and straightforward for the scooter or wheelchair chosen. It is the right wheelchair that will allow for everyday tasks to be undertaken without assistance and provide for immediate independence for the disabled person or user.

Prearranged appropriate transport

One of the main means of staying on the move and engaged in the hobbies that you enjoy, as well as entertaining and mixing with the people that you like is to have pre-arranged transport. You will need to ensure that the transport/taxi person that you have hired has an appropriate vehicle, which will allow wheelchair access. Engaging with others and developing hobbies and regular outings will be impossible without access to inclusive transport and by hiring transport well in advance you can ensure that your wheelchair fits.

Your own Wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV)

It is becoming more mainstream for physically disabled people to save for their own WAV, or wheelchair accessible vehicle such as those vehicles available at . This will allow wheelchair users to go where they want to and when they want to. The best vehicles must have an easily deployed ramp as well as sufficient space in the vehicle for your wheelchair. If your disability allows for you to drive, then it is also becoming more popular for these WAV’s to be set up and adapted with hand driving controls.

Human Support and Assistance

One of the simplest ways for those that have a physicaldisability to remain on the move is to have a personal assistant or support staff to assist you to attend a specific activity. Often, and dependent on the specific disability, state support may be available for a support worker to accompany the disabled person on outings, from the simplest of shopping tasks to a full day out, having someone to help and assist is one of the best ways to remain on the go.

These are only four ways that disabled people can stay on the move. As a final piece of advice, it should be remembered that keeping abreast of the latest developments in this sector will allow you to access the best tech and equipment for your precise needs. As technology improves, so too will the ability for disabled people to engage in mainstream activities and hobbies, allowing them to remain active and fully engaged in society.

By Manali