Did you know that around 20% of firearm injuries are unintentional? Unintentional firearm accidents happen when someone accidentally pulls the trigger, doesn’t realize the gun is loaded or has poor aim. 

Before you shoot a gun for the first time, you must learn how to aim. Knowing how to aim a handgun will make shooting safer and allow you to enjoy shooting a gun. 

Are you wondering how to aim a handgun? If so, keep reading to learn how to shoot a handgun. 

Use Your Dominant Eye

The first step to aiming a handgun is to use your dominant eye. If you try to aim with both eyes, you won’t hit your target. While aiming, close your non-dominant eye to make it easier. 

To find your dominant eye, start by holding both hands in front of you and form a triangle. Choose an object on the wall, such as a clock, and center it in the middle of the triangle. 

Once you have an object to focus on, close one of your eyes. The open eye is your dominant eye if the object stays in the middle of the triangle. If the object shifts, your closed eye is the dominant eye. 

Align the Sights

Once you know your dominant eye, the next step is to align your sights. Most handguns have both a front and rear sight. The front will have a single post, while the rear will have two. 

To align the sights, center the post in the front sight between the two posts on the rear sight. You also should make sure the top and bottom of the sights are aligned. 

Choose Your Point of Aim

When shooting a gun, one of the most important safety tips is to know your target. When first learning to shoot, you should have a large target that is easy to hit. 

Make sure there are no people, animals, or objects you can damage near your target. Also, make sure there are no distractions so that you can focus on hitting your target. 

Practice Shooting

One of the best ways to get better at aiming a handgun is to practice. If you are thinking about buying a handgun, head to the shooting range to practice before you invest. 

At the shooting range, you can get a feel for hitting your target, and you will get better at it the more you practice. You also can take a firearm training class to learn more about shooting, cleaning, and storing your gun. 

If you have plans to practice shooting at a range, make sure you have plenty of ammo before you go. Targetsportsusa.com has plenty of ammo. 

Now You Know How to Aim a Handgun

Learning to shoot a gun can allow you to protect yourself, have fun at the shooting range, and boost your confidence. If you are wondering how to aim a handgun, use your dominant eye, align the sights, and slow down. 

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By Manali