Being an eco-friendly traveler is a matter of respect. As we become more environmentally conscious, the questions for travelers become: How can we reduce our carbon footprint while traveling? What changes can we make that are helpful to connect with the communities we visit? Travelers can contribute to the sustainability of communities while reducing their ecological footprint.

Travelers can reduce their environmental impact in different ways:

  • Stay Close to Home -Visit a place close to home that you haven’t seen before. You never know what you may find!
  • Make Greener Transportation Choices – Consider sharing rides with other travelers when you’re traveling in a car to save on gas and reduce emissions. Many people are happy to chip in if it saves them time, so you’ll save money and cuts your carbon footprint at the same time. You’ll reduce your per-person transportation emissions by half or more!
  • Travel Slow/ Smart – Traveling fast is understandable for some people, but it will increase your transportation costs because you will be moving a lot while increasing your carbon footprint. All those trains, buses, and planes are adding up. Being a good traveler not only reduces your carbon footprint but also gives back to the communities you visit. Many qualities make a good traveler. He should be knowledgeable about the place he’s visiting before going on a trip.
  • Pack Smart – A few items a traveler should bring will help them travel more sustainably: a reusable water bottle, a water filter, a tote bag, stuff sack, and a Diva cup if on your period.
  • Fly with Fewer Connections – In addition to limiting your flying, use longer flights with fewer connections. I’m not a fan of flight shaming, but the impact of flying cannot be denied.
  • Avoid Overvisited Destinations – If you can, stay away from overcrowded cities. Solo travelers have the luxury of choosing their destination, whereas a group of travelers has to choose from a set itinerary. You’ll find fewer crowds and cheaper prices, as well as putting less strain on local communities.
  • Take Public Transportation – When you arrive at your destination, head to the local tourism office to learn about public transportation options (and if there are any discounts available for public transportation). Use ride-sharing apps rather than taxis.
  • Eat Local – To reduce your impact on the planet, it’s best to eat like a local. Eat locally grown foods, and avoid packaged and imported foods whenever possible.
  • Cut Back on Cruises – When it comes to carbon footprints and over-tourism, cruises are one of the worst offenders for travelers.
  • Take a Nature-Related Trip – If you want to better understand and appreciate the natural world, take a trip solely to connect with it. As travelers, we should aspire to travel in a more environmentally friendly way. After all, we have a responsibility to make sure we don’t harm the environment or the local communities we visit as we explore the globe.

Take action today and become a better and more sustainable traveler. If you take action now, you’ll eventually make other actions effortless.

I hope you find this article How to Be a Sustainable Traveler interesting.

By Manali

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