Did you know almost three million people fly domestically in the United States each day? With so many flying, people are looking for a safer way to travel, especially in these days of COVID-19.

If you have to fly, hiring a private jet is a convenient and safe way to get to your destination. When you choose to charter a jet, you’ll leave behind the hassles commercial flights bring.

Read on to learn all about the benefits of choosing this upscale travel method.

Private Jet Costs

Private jets are more expensive than commercial flights, but the perks of hiring one are worth it. Like other fights, the cost of your ticket will be based on where you are going and how long your flight is.

You’ll most likely pay by the hour instead of one flat fee. Check out what various private jet costs per hour to ensure you are getting the best price.

Most private jet costs include hiring a crew and the fuel it will take to get to your destination. Often, catering is also included, but make sure to double-check this so you don’t go hungry on your flight.

Are you someone who wants to make charting a private jet something you frequently do? Many air carriers offer reward programs to help you save on the overall cost.

Types of Planes to Charter

When choosing a private jet, you want to think about where you are going and how many people are coming with you. Most often, people will pick a mid-sized jet that can be in the air for about five hours before needing to refuel. These types of planes can hold up to eight people.

If you are flying a long distance, there are bigger private jets you can charter. You will have to pay more for these jets, but they allow you to travel with more people and even come with amenities such as beds and larger bathrooms.

Booking a Private Jet

You’re going to want to do a little advanced planning before taking off in your private jet. Most people choose to book a private jet a few weeks before they are scheduled to leave. If you are in a hurry, some companies can get you in the air in just a few hours.

When it is time to take off, you’ll head to a private terminal, like the ones at Republic Jet Center. You won’t have to deal with crowds or hours of pre-flight waiting times. Instead, you’ll enjoy VIP service while waiting to board your flight.

You’ll leave the plane and collect your luggage when you get to your destination. A chauffeur service will be waiting to take you to your lodging or final location.

Charter a Jet for Hassle-Free Travel

While hiring a private jet may seem like a luxury for the rich, it can be more affordable when you share the cost with others. When you charter a jet for your next trip, you’ll have safe and easy travel and create memories you won’t be quick to forget!

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By Manali