If you are planning to visit Philippines, Cebu should be the number one on the list. Aside from being accessible throughout the world as it is in the center of the country, there are so many reasons to visit the island:

  • Beautiful beaches
  • Good food
  • Best for dive spots
  • Known for whale shark watching in the world
  • Countryside tour is a must
  • Lovely and hospitable locals

Those are just some of the reasons why you should be visiting Cebu. So here is a quick guide on where you will be going in case you have decided to have a vacation in Cebu Philippines.

Places to visit in Cebu

  1. Whale Shark watching in Oslob – became popular since 2012 throughout the world and you will be able to get close with these gentle creatures in the ocean for a minimal fee of Php500 per person, good for 30 minutes of swim.
  2. Kawasan Falls in Badian – the most visited waterfalls in Cebu located in Badian, southern part of Cebu. This waterfall has the clearest water among the waterfalls that you can see in the island.
  3. Sardines Run in Moalboal – if you are into fishes and snorkeling, then you must not miss to swim with the millions of fishes in Moalboal Cebu, the sardines. In the same area, you will be able to see turtles as well. Then, visiting one place must be a valuable package that you should not miss.
  4. Sumilon Island in Oslob – a small island in Oslob which is known for its white sandbar. People who took the whale shark will do a little side trip to the island for an hour or two especially those who love beaches. Though the boat will cost at a minimum of Php1500 round trip, it’s all worth the price. Best to visit the island if not raining and the waves are not that big.
  5. White Sand beaches in Sta Fe Bantayan – if you are into beaches, then Bantayan island in the northern part of Cebu is the best option. Think of Boracay Island in the Philippines with a very long stretch of white sand, this is the Cebu version of it. Though it will take time to go there, around 4 to 5 hours including the ferry ride, but hell yeah, who cares, it’s worth every penny.
  6. Cebu Safari Adventure Park – opened few years ago around 2017 and this is the only zoo in the Philippines where you can see international animals just like in Singapore, Hongkong and other zoos where you can see White Lion, Tiger, Zebra and many more. They are open every Wednesday to Sunday including all holidays.
  7. Cebu Ocean Park – a newly opened oceanarium in the Philippines, next to Manila Ocean park which exists many years already. This Ocean Park in Cebu is considered the biggest in the country. Whales and small fishes are their main attraction. Bring your kids, of course.
  8. Basdaku Beach in Moalboal – If you love beaches and Bantayan island is quite far for you, you can visit Moalboal which is in Southern part of Cebu. Ask around where is the way to Basdaku, it is very known in the area because of the big white sand beach.
  9. Temple of Leah in Cebu City – a temple newly built as a gift for a family member in Adarna’s clan, located in the mountain part of Cebu City, or city center. Best to visit the temple is during weekdays and if you really want to avoid the big crowd, visit them during 6am to 8am. Best to relax in the area and watching the sunrise in the whole city.
  10. Sirao Garden in Cebu City – a garden of flowers considered as a little Amsterdam. Located in the mountain part of Cebu City which is an hour ride for a taxi from the city center.
  11. Nalusuan Island in Mactan – If snorkeling is what you want in Cebu, and traveling is not your thing, then you can snorkel in Mactan, few minutes away from the city center and you can even book a hotel accommodation nearby. Nalusuan is accessible only by boat, but it has a beautiful beach and snorkeling area with hundreds of fishes.

So, those are just the few of the most beautiful places in Cebu that you should not miss to visit. Don’t waste your time to anything that is not listed above if you have not completed them yet. A vacation of 7 days in Cebu is more than enough to get to know better the island and its history.

By Manali