Homeowners routinely embark on home improvement projects that range from small to enormous. In fact, they spend upwards of $8300 annually on home improvement.

While projects like kitchen and bathroom renovations often top the list of projects, they aren’t the only things that you can grow tired of in your home. For example, interior lights can fall out of fashion if they stay up long enough.

If you’re thinking of updating your home interior lighting, keep reading for some essential tips on choosing your new interior lights.

Natural Light

Every home has a different amount of natural light depending on the number and size of windows. As a result, small homes often face a shortage of natural light simply because the windows lean smaller and fewer. You see a similar problem in basements and furnished attic spaces.

You’ll need more lighting in spaces that have little natural light. Uplights and multiple light sources can make a big difference. So, for example, you might put in a smaller overhead light and a couple of wall lights to provide better light coverage in the entire room.

Room Use

Different rooms have different uses for a homeowner. For example, while you might want excellent ambient lighting in the living room, that won’t work as well in a home office or the kitchen.

If there are rooms in your home where you do specific kinds of work, you want task lighting. For example, you might put task lighting over a counter to improve visibility while prepping food and using kitchen knives.

Room Size

Room size can also influence your choices when you buy interior lights. Small rooms require very even lighting to avoid feeling cramped. Larger rooms need multiple light sources to give them a friendlier feel.

For example, you might install an overhead light and picture lights and throw in a couple of table lamps.

Will You Need a Contractor?

Generally, homeowners can replace lighting fixtures without calling in a contractor or electrician. Yet, that rule isn’t absolute. In most locations, you need a professional to install recessed lighting.

Even if you don’t need a professional installation, many warranties for light fixtures only apply if a professional handles installation. If you’re going to shell out for a name brand like Davide Groppi, you probably want that warranty coverage.

That means you’ll need a pro and should factor in those installation costs as part of your project.

Interior Lights and You

Picking interior lights is often more of a challenge than people expect. They find a design they like and then discover that it doesn’t do a very good job lighting a specific room.

You must account for several factors when choosing interior lights. You must consider the total natural light you get in the room. You must also take into consideration the room size and the room use.

Plus, you must consider hiring a pro for installation if you want valid warranties.

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By Manali