Did you know that Americans spend an average of 37 minutes preparing and cleaning up after meals? That doesn’t sound like much, but if you include eating and socializing, then the kitchen becomes one of the most popular spaces in a home.

If you’re spending so much time in one area, it needs to be both functional and beautiful. That’s where the right lighting comes in! Read on to find out how to perfect your kitchen lighting.


The lighting options you choose depends on their function—you need to determine the type of space you’re lighting. Prep and storage areas like countertops, stove tops, and pantries all need bright task lights that don’t cast shadows. Placement matters: don’t install them directly behind where you will stand.

Accent lights add dimension to a space. Decorative lights, like sconces and chandeliers, are more for style and character. 

Finally, there is ambient light. This type of lighting provides a base layer to build up from. This is the light that ensures you can see your family members on the other side of the table.

A well-lit kitchen needs all four layers of lighting—but there’s no need for intimidation! Most lights are multi-functional. For instance, decorative lights can bounce off the ceiling and provide an ambient glow.


You can show off your unique style with your choice of lighting. The most important consideration is the style of your entire kitchen. Make sure your lighting goes well with your cabinets and countertops!

Remember, your fixtures don’t have to match. You can design a mix of shapes and styles for a gorgeous eclectic look, but try to stay within certain parameters. For instance, decide on a color scheme or finish first—mixing silver and bronze isn’t the best look.

Some trending styles to consider include:

  • Oversized fixtures for the perfect pop
  • Fixtures in non-traditional shapes like rectangles and boxes
  • Toe-kick lights for the midnight snackers
  • Translucent fixtures for a soft, radiant glow 

Lighting Ideas and Tips

Brightness and color temperature come from the lightbulb, and not the fixtures themselves. Still, you need to make sure that the wattage of your bulbs does not exceed the fixture’s limit.

The best kitchen lighting is cool white in temperature for the best visibility, but you can mix in warmer accents to make the space more social. Dimmable lighting is also great for making the kitchen friendlier. If you need help with the lighting installation, go here.

Light positioning makes a big difference in your overall kitchen design. Use accent lighting to illuminate artworks, and scale your decorative lighting to the size of your space. If you find the process overwhelming, you can hire a professional lighting designer.

Update Your Kitchen Lighting Today

If you want to update your kitchen’s look, the best place to start is the lighting. If you want the best kitchen lighting possible, focus on function and style. You’ll find it’s much easier to prepare your meals under great lighting, so get started on your renovation today!

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By Manali