Mixer Grinder

The Mixer Grinder is the most basic appliance in a kitchen. No one can imagine a kitchen without a mixer grinder. We have grown up listening to the sound of the mixer grinder which is used for making chutneys, especially in the Indian kitchen, and to make the purees for a curry.

Before buying a mixer grinder following factors should be kept in mind which are useful and helpful.

  1. Mixer Grinder types:

Generally, in a market, there are two types of mixer grinders which are:

  1. Stand mixers: Stand mixers are powerful mixers that are used to mix ingredients. These are being used in bakeries, food factories, and food industries as they help knead and whip cream. Therefore it cannot be used in a regular kitchen.
  2. Traditional mixers: Traditional mixers are used in every home as it is regular mixer grinders used to grind the ingredients. These are available in many designs and sizes in different brands too.
  3. Wattage and speed:
    1. While buying a mixer grinder these two factors should be always kept in mind. For an ideal kitchen mixer grinder between 500W to 750W watts is good. A higher watt mixer grinder is used for grinding difficult ingredients with higher speed.
    2. The Rotation per Minute (RPM) will decide the speed of the blades per minute. The RPM should be between 18000 to 23000 for a domestic mixer grinder. The juicer mixer grinder requires low to medium RPM to work efficiently. As the RPM increases it will be difficult to blend or grind liquids or spices. Always choose a mixer grinder that has a speed control knob and change the settings as per the requirement.
  4. Size and number of jars:

When you have a good number of jars it will be easy to use if guests arrive for dinner suddenly. Therefore a mixer grinder with 2 or 3 jars s a good choice. A mixer grinder has 2 jars one for wet and another for dry grinding generally. It is better to choose a mixer grinder that has at least 3 jars. Choose a jar that has a rubber or hard plastic handle for a better grip. Also, the jar should have a durable body and a break-resistant lid.

  1. Blades:

The most important aspect of a mixer grinder is its blades as it will only do the job of mixing. The blades differ according to the wet or dry grinding. The blades should be stainless steel and of 304 grade as the grade will only tell if the steel is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. High-quality steel will stay long in its sharpness.

  1. Overload protection:

When you fill your mixer jars and run for a long time there are chances of burning of motor due to overload pressure. Therefore to avoid this risk choose a mixer grinder with overload protection since in case of overload it will act as a circuit breaker and rescue the machine from breaking and damaging.

  1. Warranty:

A quality product will have a good warranty. When you select a particular model choose a mixer grinder with a 2 to 5 years warranty. Also, check if the motor has an additional warranty. This will make sure for a longer life of your appliance.

  1. Maintenance:

The mixer grinder should be maintained well and should be cleaned regularly. If maintaining is a problem then go for a simple mixer grinder with only 2 jars.

  1. Brand choices:

Many of us love to shop the home appliances based on our favorite brands. There are many different brands in mixer grinders. The price depends on the features of the mixer grinder and its brand too. There are also premium brands with more features in mixer grinders.

  1. Price:

The budget you keep for a mixer grinder will decide the price and features it offers to you.  Lower price mixer grinders will less feature and well-priced mixer grinders will give you more options to use.

  1. Advanced functions:

If you are buying a mixer grinder for normal needs then the advanced features are not useful for you. If a person is a food aficionado, then the mixer grinder with advanced features such as whipping and kneading will be the best for their day-to-day activities.


When you select the mixer grinder for your kitchen then choose according to the weight and size of the appliance. If you have small kitchens choose a small and light-weighted mixer grinder. It will be easier to carry near the power socket. When you shop online wait for the perfect and exciting deals offered by the online store. Always check the customer reviews for a better idea.

By Manali