Blanco Silgranit sinks

Blanco Silgranit sinks continue the history of Blanco quality sinks with the right blend of attractive design, strength, and unrivalled longevity. Blanco Silgranite sinks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and offer the ideal balance of utility, aesthetic value, and sumptuous character.

When it comes to altering finishes and updating fixtures like sinks and faucets, renovating a kitchen is a major project with a lot of options. These sinks have ranged from stainless steel to white cast iron to the present sink we have recently installed, a granite composite sink by Blanco, over my time as a homeowner, which I’ve been since 1985.

Silgranit sinks are made of an 80 per cent granite composite with a mixture of ceramics. An acrylic matrix, and colouring. To give it strength, it is then cast in a single pour. As a result, the stone’s nature alters, making it a more low-maintenance solution for busy households. This material is currently manufactured by The BLANCO Group, Germany’s largest sink producer.

Now there are a few things that should be discussed before you think of buying Blanco. These things are the reason that Blanco sinks are one of the best-selling sinks out there. Let’s discuss each.

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Silgranit Sink Quality

When you first glance at this sink, you can tell right away that it is of outstanding quality and construction. SILGRANIT is a rock-hard composite material that is made up of 80% pure granite. It comes in a range of colors and has a soft, dull finish.

One of the best features is believed to be its durability. So far, it can withstand carelessness without a scratch! The SILGRANIT can also endure temperatures of up to 280°C (536°F). You can continuously pour boiling pots of water into the sink without fear. If you prefer, you can cut your vegetables on the Silgranit sink’s surface. It can be left in the sunlight without the color fading. You won’t have to bother about sealing the sink to prevent stains because it’s coated with epoxy resin. Many of the risks that you’ll discover in the kitchen are naturally resistant to it. When you have one of these sinks installed in your home, you’ll be able to operate with alkaline or acidic goods without fear.

Silgranit Sink Depth

The depth of this sink is 8 inches. If you want a deep bowl that isn’t too deep, Blanco has something for you. You can always clear sliding garbage and recycle bin underneath the sink with an 8′′ depth (9-1/4′′ with the under mount), which was a top concern for most the people. The sink is deep enough to wash large goods. But the secondary bowl with the stainless-steel mesh basket is the most brilliant feature of the design.

This sink has a depth of 5 1/2 inches, which is a good level for rinsing food or small items without straining your back. Furthermore, the cascading effect of the water pouring down the drain is one of my favourites.

Silgranit Sink Design

Clearly, this sink is a piece of art. It’s an important part of our kitchen’s overall design. Cinder is a warm charcoal colour that contrasts beautifully with our white quartz surfaces. This is a colour combination that will last the test of time.

The PRECIS CASCADE model is 28-3/4′′ x 18-1/8′′ and fits a base cabinet with a minimum depth of 33′′. The shape is crucial when it comes to sinks. When you have a rectangle shape with straight sides and a flat bottom, you gain more volume. The soft rounded corners make cleaning and draining a breeze.

There’s no disputing that this sink is attractive. If you had to choose a flaw with the design, the one thing you’d like to see in the future is a sleeker drain to match the sink’s contemporary aesthetic. We think the existing drain is a little on the traditional side.

Faucet and soap dispenser

The BLANCOCULINA Mini in Stainless Steel is a single lever variant with a pull-out spout. The magnetized hand spray holder, which also features a dual spray toggle button, is definitely the most popular feature among people. It swivels 360 degrees and includes a spring-loaded spout that reaches all four sides of the sink.

The soap dispenser is in the Blanco Torre style and is finished in stainless steel. The shape and style are a perfect match for the faucet.


You can use this sink for a few months, and it will require very little maintenance. To be honest, you’ll forget to wash it down half of the time because the color masks everything. 

Normally, marks are left where the coffee has dried up. But the stain completely wipes away without scrubbing after you run the water. 

You can use dish soap and water to clean the sink. When a minor buildup builds around the stainless steel drain and/or the stainless steel becomes discoloured, it’s generally a good reminder that you need to clean your sink (usually from the staining of the coffee). If you e living in the UK and want to sink at a reasonable price then you must contact Nexus.

By Manali