Lack of knowledge on electrical safety leads to electrical shocks and accidents in your homes causing various health hazards. Hence, electrical maintenance is important and it is suggested to appoint and electrician to avoid any electrical oversights from any faulty or damaged wiring and misused appliances. Additionally, ensuring the safety and functionality of your electrical appliances becomes seamless with the assistance of professional electricians who provide impeccable appliance services as part of their comprehensive electrical maintenance approach.

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Given below are a few tips you can follow to ensure electrical safety and prevent any hazards.

  1. Proper condition of all electrical equipment: Keep a regular check on the equipment that are not working or plugged in properly to avoid any malfunction or short circuits. Appoint and electrician to get rid of such appliances.
  2. Main power off: Switch off the power button during any electrical work to refrain from shocks and accidents. Keep the switch of the plugs off during any small power related maintenance.
  3. Warm and cold power outlets: warm and cold power outlets bring trouble from overloaded electrical circuits to shot up wiring. Place your hands to check the outlets every month.
  4. Fire extinguisher: Avoid using water to put out any electrical fire whether big or small and replace it with a fire extinguisher as it is a good conductor of electricity. Also, to add to this safety measure, you can look for the Fire Watch Services Near Me online to get the best such service providers in your area who could offer you reliable monitoring and fire protection services while you are away from home.
  5. Ground older appliances: Your old appliances can cause a risk of shock due to grounding issues by normal wear and tear. Any kitchen or other appliances should have a three-pronged plug to connect any grounded outlet.
  6. Expert intervention: Reach out to an electricianwho is well trained and has the perfect knowledge in case of an emergency.
  7. Don’t use extension cords for longer duration: Extension cords should be used for temporary purpose as they are not a permanent source of power. Get an outlet installed by a qualified electrician in place of an extension cord for regular use. Consider the load a power cord will carry while purchasing, use a 14 or 12 AWG cord for heavier load.
  8. Replace damaged electrical cords: Replace or repair any extension cords if they are cracking as they may put your residential safety at risk. Damaged cords lead to fires and electrocution. Avoid using power cords under rugs as it may overheat and cause hazard.On the other hand, plugs under furniture can damage the wires and crush the cords.
  9. Overloading: Don’t put multiple high wattage appliances into the same outlet as they carry a certain amount of energy and can cause overloading. Consider appointing an electrician in Narre Warren to install a new outlet to divide the stress carried out by the older outlet. Ensure that the existing outlets have protective faceplates, are cool to touch and are in a proper working condition by keeping a regular check.

You can follow some of these steps to avoid facing any serious risk:

  • Plug only one heat-producing appliance at a time.
  • Ask professional electricians to check the outlet that have turned hot.
  • A panel strip can only add outlets but cannot change the amount of power it receives.
  • Use smart plugs to check or monitor the power load of an outlet.
  1. Check for correct wattage in all your fixtures and appliances: Check for correct wattage in all your lamps, fixtures and other appliances to prevent any electrical disturbance.
  2. Use LED bulbs as it consumes less heat and power and reduces the risk of overheating.
  3. Use a 25 Watt bulb for ceiling fixtures and a 60 Watt bulb or less for unmarked light fixtures.
  4. Don’t put more than bulb light per lamp until and unless there are 2 different switches to turn on the bulbs separately.
  5. Avoid facing any fire hazards or flickering by mixing old bulbs with the new energy efficient ones as they use different amount of power and energy.
  6. Night lights are a better source of illumination during evening and night hours instead of table lamps.
  7. Keep your used and unused cords tidy and secure to prevent damage: Prevent any damage by safely securing the cords when not in use.
  8. Keep them away from children and pets (as they might chew or play with it).
  9. Reduce the risk of overheating and loosening of the cords by avoiding any tightly wrapped cords around objects.
  10. Prevent insulation damage to the cords by keeping them away from any hot surface.
  11. Unplug all your unused appliances: Unplug all your devices when not in use as it saves the power by reducing the phantom drain and protects them from overheating and short-cuts.Use smart plugs that sets power schedule for every outlet and reduces the burden to remember to unplug the unused appliances.
  12. Keep electrical appliances away from water to prevent any shock: Keep your electrical devices dry and try not to get water near any power cord or plugged in appliances. Any amount of moisture around items like iron, dishwasher, clothes, blenders, iron, etc can cause potential risk after use. However, water may have flooded into the walls while an ongoing renovation work. It is important to keep your hands dry and all electrical equipment away from water sources like aquarium, shower, etc to avoid any contact between them.
  13. Give your appliances proper space for air circulation to avoid overheating: Electrical equipment needs proper air circulation as they can overheat and lead to a fire hazard.
  14. Don’t use these equipments in enclosed cabinets.
  15. Store and keep flammable objects away from electronic devices.
  16. Keep gas or electrical dryer atleast one foot away from the wall for proper functioning.
  17. Ensure that all your exhaust fans are clean to prevent any fire hazard: Clean the exhaust fans present in the appliances that might get dirty or clogged with debris. An appliance with no maintenance can shorten its life and cause overheating and building up of harmful gasses leading to a fire hazard.
  18. Always follow appliance instructions: Use the information provided in the manual for correct installation of appliances to avoid any harm.
  19. Avoid any expensive repair by replacing the old bulbs / fuses with newer ones.
  20. Correct installation ensures improved performance and safety.
  21. Ask a qualified electrician to check the appliance after an electric shock.
  22. Ensure electrical safety for kids: Protect your kids from any shock through installation of safety caps and covers, keeping the outlets away from your child’s reach.
  23. Teach your children how to carefully plug out a cord from an outlet.
  24. Keep appliances like toasters, blender and electric kettles away so that your children cannot access them.

Electrical safety is very important to reduce any health and safety risks. Look out for qualified and well trained electricians in Melbourne that will provide you with the best quality products and highest standards of service to both residential and commercial problems.

By Manali