There are two types of goods that are associated with any manufacturing industry or business out there. The first include the consumer goods and the other include the capital goods. Capital goods, of course, are the products that are used by companies to create goods of everyday needs. Examples of capital goods include tools, machinery, vehicles etc. All companies that produce consumer goods must first obtain capital goods which are usually purchased from capital goods companies. If you are someone who is in search for a career path in the capital goods field, then it is necessary that you understand the company requirements for these jobs. Thus article will go over some jobs in the capitals and what will be required of you to secure these positions.

Jobs in Capital goods field and their requirements

          The following are some jobs in the capital goods field:

  1. The Assembler

One of the most important jobs in any manufacturing industry, the assembler’s primary job is to assemble the different parts together to form the final product. They deal with manufacture, repair and maintenance of products and their components. To secure this job, a high school diploma or a GED in the required field is necessary. You also need to have a great understanding of mechanics. The ability to understand diagrams, schematics and blueprints is also compulsory.

  • Warehouse worker

Warehouse workers are an integral part of a lot of businesses and the part they play is almost the same. They are involved in packaging of products, stocking of products and order placements. Loading and unloading shipments is also their responsibility alongside tracking orders. To land a job as a warehouse worker, you will need a high school degree in the relevant field. The ability to operate inventory software and databases will be a requirement for desk jobs. A forklift license will be required in order to operate the machines. A working experience mention on your resume will also help a lot.

  • Quality control inspector

Quality control is an important part of every industry. No company would want to ship products that are of lower quality as it can be a huge detriment to their business. A quality control inspector ensures that the final product lives up to the quality standards set by the company. He will inspect materials, products, processes among other stuff. You will need a high school diploma or equivalent certification for this job. Other requirements include minimum 2 years of experience, math and technical skills, MS Office skills and good understanding of testing techniques.

  • Manufacturing technician

A manufacturing technician has to deal with stuff like setting up and operating the equipment and machinery. They have to make sure that all the necessary equipment is running properly without any problems. They setup, calibrate, maintain and repair equipment involved in manufacturing process. This job requires a high school diploma in the relevant field, 2 years of minimum experience and efficient knowledge of production processes and the machinery involved in said production process.

  • Manufacturing engineer

A manufacturing engineer deals with assessing the current manufacturing processes and pointing out areas for potential improvements and the implementation of these improvements. He also develops and implements any quality control systems plus cost cutting measures. To get this job, you will need a degree in mechanical, industrial or manufacturing engineering. Most companies will also ask for a working experience of at least 2 years. Proficiency in related software like CAM, CAD etc. is also required.


          These are some of the jobs present in the capital goods field and the necessary requirements for obtaining these jobs. It’s better to make your career choices at an early point in your life, so you can acquire the relevant degrees and certifications. Having a working experience is going to help you a lot when it comes to landing these or any other job.

By Manali