Having the right eye glasses for your needs is essential. Without the right eye glasses, you may experience dizziness or other eye issues. It’s also important that you find a pair of glasses that looks great on you and compliments your style!

How can you find the best eye glass frames for your look? There are a few ways to find a pair of eye glasses you’ll adore. Continue reading the guide below to learn more! 

Your Face Shape

When searching for new eye glasses, a good starting point is your face shape. There are certain eye glass frames that look best on different face shapes. For example, if you have more of a square-shaped face, then consider trying on round frames to soften your face. 

If you have a round face shape, then you can consider trying on square frames, which will help sharpen your features. Oversized frames work well with oval faces while dealing on the top of frames works well with triangle-shaped faces. 

Try Them on Online

Did you know there are some websites that allow you to try on glasses right from home? That’s right! Try a few different apps or websites that use your camera to place different frames on your face. 

This is a good way to see what type of frames work the best on your face shape. 

Try Them on in Person

Trying glasses on online is convenient and a great starting place, but it’s always beneficial to visit a store in person to try different glasses on. Many places that offer eye exams also offer an eye glass store filled with a variety of eye glasses to choose from. When you schedule your routine eye exam, don’t hesitate to stop in the store and try on a few different eye glasses. 

Use the information at https://www.spectaculareyewear.net/how-often-should-you-get-an-eye-exam/ to determine how often you should visit an eye doctor. Each time you visit the eye doctor, you can spend time trying on new frames. You might even find that you like how multiple frames look on your face, so don’t feel obligated to stick with only one type of frame or shape. 

Consider the Frame Size

Do you like small frames or large frames? What type of things will you use your eye glasses for? Will you only wear them when reading or will you wear them at all times?

Keep in mind that small frames may require you to move your entire head when looking up or down as your eyes might see below or above the frames. Large frames allow you to look in all directions without needing to turn your head. For this reason, large frames might be more beneficial for those who need to wear their glasses at all times. 

Let’s Find You Some Eye Glasses

When you need a new pair of eye glasses, you want to take your time finding the right pair for you. Use all of the information given above to help you find glasses you’ll love!

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By Manali