Securing a seat in an esteemed university is the second hardest thing in India. Getting a loan from the bank at a profitable interest rate is still the first. Minus the complex words and myriad of eligibility criteria, simply put, you can avail loan only if you are perceived as someone with a minimum risk factor who can repay the loan easily. However, if you are a salaried individual or a self-employed entrepreneur, then you can effortlessly secure a loan from Money View in just 24 hours.

So how to get a 3 lakh personal loan hassle free? Well, read on!

  1. Check your eligibility criteria:

To begin with, you must have the necessary eligibility to apply for the loan. We have mentioned below what is required of you as a borrower!

  • First, you must specify if you are salaried or self-employed
  • As a salaried individual, you must at least have an income of Rs. 13,500 per month to avail the loan
  • If you are self-employed, then you must show an income of Rs. 25,000 per month to apply for the loan (You can check your eligibility in just two minutes using Money View’s eligibility checker!)
  • You must then provide the details of the bank you receive your monthly income from
  • Next, you must disclose your credit-worthy ness or CIBIL score to prove that you can be trusted to return the loan
  • Make sure that your CIBIL score lies on the north of 600
  • And most importantly, you must be between 21 to 57 years of age to apply for the loan
  1. After checking your eligibility and checking all the boxes right, choose the amount of loan you need, i.e., 3 lakhs and the repayment tenure. You will be provided with the details of the monthly EMI and monthly interest you must pay, so choose as per your convenience. 
  1. And next, you must provide all the required documents for verification and complete your account KYC. Here is the list of the documents you must provide.
  • Your PAN or Aadhaar card as your identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Bank statements of the last three months pertaining to the salary credits
  1. Once you are done with all the above steps, the amount will be transferred to your account in just mere minutes after the verification.

After you receive your three lakh personal loan, you can also calculate your three lakh loan EMI, interest and the repayment schedule using the Money View’s EMI calculator. Just make sure that you repay your loan and the EMIs in a timely manner to keep your credit score on the good side.

If you are in need of a three lakh personal loan, you must ensure that you are eligible and a worthy candidate with a good credit score as well as a steady income. This will improve your chances of getting the loan easily. But, even if your credit score is low, you can now instantly get a three lakh loan easily with the help of Money View.

By Manali