If you want to study in Canada, the law will require you to get a study permit. This document is how you prove that you’ll be taking classes, volunteering your time, or doing research. The good news is that it’s easy to obtain this permit. You will need to clearly state what type of activity you intend to pursue on your application form and provide any supporting documents.

Here are the steps for getting your study permit:

1. Get your Acceptance Letter

Every student needs to get a letter of acceptance from a recognized institute or college in Canada. This letter is known as a Declaration of Eligibility. You need to contact the school and make sure the school is allowed to issue such letters according to Canadian immigration regulations. The letter should contain all the information proving that you meet the requirements. You will be informed in the letter whether you need to apply for a study permit.

2. Apply for a Study Permit

When you get your acceptance letter, you need to start making your application for a study permit. This application demands information about all your sponsors and the documents that prove that you meet the requirements. In the documentation, you need proof of how you can support yourself during your stay in Canada. If others are willing to help you financially, you must also demonstrate it with documents. You may need to prove that you have funding for your education.

3. Submit the Documents

You can submit your study permit application once you have double-checked all the supporting documentation. The documents detail your proof of financial support (such as a bank statement or a copy of an income tax return) — all the necessary supporting documents issued by your home country’s authorities. Once you have collected all the documents, you are ready to send in your application. The easiest way is to forward everything by using the online web portal of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. If you cannot use the online portal, you can write a letter and submit it to the designated visa application center (VAC).

4. Perform the Evaluation Procedure

The next step is for the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada to evaluate your application. They review every application before being approved or refused for any reason. If your application is approved, you will get a letter stating this. If they reject your application, they will inform you why and when you can reapply with new supporting documents.

5. Travel to Canada

When your study permit application is approved, you will receive a travel visa proving that you can travel to Canada. These papers will authorize you to enter the Canada Port of Entry (POE) to get your study permit. This is the last step to obtaining your Canada study permit. A study permit will be issued to you when you arrive in Canada.

6. Maintain Proper Status

You need to be aware that while studying in Canada, you will have to maintain legal status in Canada. You must meet these requirements if you want to maintain your status:

  • Make strides toward finishing your program.
  • Maintain a physical presence in Canada, as well as maintain valid travel documents.
  • Report on time and comply with a DLI’s conditions of registration.
  • Leave the country if your permit expires.

Prepare to Study in Canada

Canada has a great education system and a booming economy. If you have the opportunity to study in Canada, take it. You can enjoy unique educational experiences in a foreign country.

By Manali