We do tend to take breathing for granted. This auto process is done by the lungs, whose health we largely fail to cater to.

There are various factors that are continuously endangering our lungs. While some cannot be helped; you can hardly change the air that you breathe in all by yourself or change your genome, but you can take steps otherwise to promote healthier lungs.

People who are suffering from lung problems like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder –COPD –have to be extra careful about taking care of their lungs.

Alongside visiting the Best Pulmonologist in Lahore, you should also take up following tips to keep your lungs healthier, and your body happier.


Exercise is not just good for the muscles but is also great for keeping your lungs in a good shape. When they are made to work harder during physical activity, they then become more effective in their task of delivering oxygen to the body and unloading carbon dioxide from it.

Moreover, regular exercise also protects the lungs against diseases as well. Therefore, be sure to make it part of your daily routine.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing is not just good for stress management; alongside this, it also helps in keeping your lungs happy.

When you breathe deeply, you fill your lungs with greater amount of oxygen, that then helps in increasing the efficiency of your lungs. This does not mean you continuously do them, just do these exercises at intervals.

Smoking needs to stop

Everyone knows smoking is bad for health, even the smoking pack contains the risk warning. Yet so many people partake in it. The addictive nature ensures that people keep coming back to it and damaging their lungs as a result.

Hence, it is imperative that you quit smoking. If it is something that is helping you cope, then you should instead visit a therapist for help. If you do it because it’s a habit, get better habits. If its mere fashion statement, then go to Bloomingdales, instead of setting fire to your lungs.

When you smoke, you are not only doing your own lungs a disservice, but are also exposing others to smoke, and endangering their health as well.

Therefore, do the responsible thing and quit smoking. You can benefit from nicotine patches, nicotine gum, hypnosis when weaning off the cigarettes.

If you have been smoking for very long and think the health ship has sailed for you, then you are wrong. While some damage is permanent, but leaving smoking starts to improve your health in a matter of mere hours as the carbon monoxide levels in the blood start to come back to normal.

Don’t be around smoke

Whereas you may not be smoking yourself, but your colleagues or friends might be. When you are in their company as they are smoking, you are inadvertently inhaling the smoke, and this second-hand smoke, also known as passive smoking, then does much damage around the body.

Hence, be firm about not being in the company of smoke. If someone around you lights a cigarette, then immediately either leave, or ask them to change premises.

Vaping is also a no

People turn to e-cigarettes and vapes in the hope that they are better than cigarettes, and while they are, that still does not make them okay.

Vapes also carry toxins that lead to damage around the body. Alongside increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, it also causes lung injury. It also exacerbates a case of asthma if you have it already and may even lead to asthma if you do not have the condition.

Furthermore, vapes also increase the risk of collapsed lungs. It has also been linked to pneumonia, coughing, inflammation in the lungs, that then requires the help of the Best Pulmonologist in Karachi then. Hence, quit vaping as well.

By Manali