Let’s face it. As much space as we have on our property, we could use a little extra storage space to accommodate some of our seasonal goods. You don’t want your Christmas tree clogging up your closet, or having to keep your summer furniture outdoors through the winter. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you shop for a rental or place your belongings into a self-storage unit.

Shopping for a Storage Unit


When it comes to exploring storage options, you want to be certain you’re finding a unit that accommodates your needs but is also easily accessible and affordable. When looking up storage unit prices, consider how much space you actually need. The last thing you want is to be splurging on a larger storage unit that you’re leaving mostly empty. You also don’t want to be caught in a contract for a smaller unit with no more space to accommodate your belongings.

Work with customer service reps at nearby storage facilities to learn the options available, and also consider contract terms. Consider operating on a month-to-month basis, particularly if a facility that is closer to your home or office becomes available. You may also want to consider other features of self-storage units, such as a climate control unit to allow you to store items with touches or finishes that can face rust or wear in the wrong environment. Be sure to also explore any discounts that are available. For example, some storage facilities may offer up savings to college students for seasonal storage when the dorms need to be cleaned out.

Summer to Fall


When summer rolls out and the fall rolls in, it’s time to say goodbye to your outdoor furniture. Rather than slapping a tarp on the furniture in your backyard, a storage unit will keep those belongings safe around the clock. In addition to just furniture, you can store seasonal clothing away to give you some more room in your drawers and closets. White jeans are a fashion-forward wardrobe essential, but some people choose to save them for the warmer months. Put those jeans in your storage unit alongside those warm-weather heels and dresses. If you’re smart in how you store, you can grab furnishings for the fall and winter out of the unit in an easy exchange to be done at any time. You’ll be able to also get out those cardigans and tunics that are better suited for colder weather.

Fall to Spring


Now that you’ve gotten through the fall and the winter, you’re ready for the warm weather to return. That’s where having a storage unit will help to easily store items like shovels and snowblowers, getting all of those summer belongings out quicker. Consider the valuable items that you’d want to put in that storage space, You’ll want to be able to look at those available units, particularly outdoor units, for a quick turnaround. The good news about that type of extra space storage is that the monthly cost is often at a lower price than traditional, large storage units.

Vehicle Storage


Speaking of outdoor units, you may actually want to look into select units for vehicular storage. If you have classic cars that you only break out for a drive in the summer, be sure to invest in a self-storage unit with climate control capabilities. It’s also a great option for storing snowmobiles through the summer months, figuring out the occupancy based on the storage locker, or even the RV storage you may need. It’s important to take the time to always consider what’s going on in the unit, the market prices on those units in your area, and easy pickup and dropoff for your belongings as need be.

By Manali