Everyone knows that getting by in business is just about who you know as what you do. Connections in any sort of industry can be invaluable, so it’s important to think about how best to foster these new types of connections. 

In today’s world, there are new networking tools that people of the past could only dream of. LinkedIn is one such tool. If you haven’t yet learned how to network on LinkedIn, it’s something you’ll certainly want to consider.

How does networking on LinkedIn work, and how can you best use this website to your overall advantage? Read on, and we’ll walk you through what you need to know. 

Reconnect With Lost Contacts

We meet all sorts of people in this life, and many of these people we tend to fall out of touch with. Someone you might’ve grown close to years ago could feel like a stranger now.

However, reigniting the flame of that connection doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, all it might take is a simple reaching out.

While it can feel uncomfortable to reach out to someone you haven’t spoken with in a while, breaking the ice in this way can be hugely valuable. Checking in on an old contact via LinkedIn can help to make the relationship new again.

Once you’ve reconnected, work to keep this connection fresh and manageable by reaching out semi-frequently, sending congratulations, or wishing them a happy birthday.

If an opportunity does arise where you need something out of this contact, it will feel much more organic to reach out with a connection already re-established. 

Rely On Your LinkedIn Network

Many people work hard to gather a great web of connections on LinkedIn and then never work to activate it. 

There’s no point in having connections if you don’t use them, and there’s no way to further these connections without some sort of meaningful contact.

Networking on LinkedIn is about action. Pose a question to your feed, whether it’s conversational or more need-based, and see who pops in to respond. You never know who you might forge a better connection with based on this push.

You may even get introduced to new people based on your questions and requests, thereby further expanding your LinkedIn network. 

Connecting with users you already know in real life to those you might know, like Mike Asimos, can help to make your time on the platform well-realized.

How to Network on LinkedIn

What’s better than leveraging your connections to make amazing things happen for your career?

Marketing on LinkedIn and selling yourself to others couldn’t be easier if you know how to get started. The above are just a few essential tips and tricks you’ll need to keep in mind if you hope to succeed in this kind of virtual environment. The opportunities are truly endless.

Need more advice on how to network on LinkedIn? More general advice for your career? Keep scrolling our blog for more information. 

By Manali