For many people, the thrill of the open road and the joy of sightseeing are combined in great road trips. Some may be weekend journeys that take in a few beauty spots and give the perfect break from a hard-working week. These trips can whet the appetite for longer expeditions into the great outdoors that can last for a couple of weeks and allow the exploration of a range of destinations and environments. A great road trip can give you and your family memories that will last a lifetime and can be truly customized to your individual needs and wants. When you are planning an epic road trip, it makes sense to consider the following key points. These will ensure that your trip is enjoyable, memorable, and a relaxing experience. 

Choose your perfect vehicle

Whilst the family car may be sufficient for shorter road trips, a caravan or motorhome makes the perfect choice for longer expeditions and allows you to explore at your own pace without needing to find hotels every evening. The freedom offered by a caravan or motorhome is what makes it the perfect vehicle for longer trips. If you are planning to purchase such a vehicle, it should be viewed as an investment for you and your family that will allow years of trips and vacations. Obviously, caravans and motorhomes are a significant purchase and require a lot of research to ensure you find the vehicle that perfectly suits your needs. Bear in mind that finance options available through companies such as will allow you to purchase your ideal vehicle and spread the cost of repayments over a number of years to enable effective budgeting for this key purchase. For tips on purchasing your perfect caravan or motorhome, see here

Plan your route thoroughly

Once you have secured your ideal road trip vehicle, the next step is to thoroughly research the routes you plan to take. Remember that the quickest roads may not necessarily be the most scenic, and an integral part of a great road trip can be the journey itself. It makes sense to plan routes using free navigation apps such as Google Maps to plot routes and highlight your planned destinations and stopping points. Using such apps can turn most smartphones into sat nav devices; just ensure that you have the necessary phone data to download routes for the whole of your journey. It also makes sense to download route maps to your phone that can be accessed offline. This can save considerable amounts of data and allows ongoing connectivity when mobile networks are weak. 

Ensure your vehicle is in great shape

Before any long-distance road trip, it is essential that you thoroughly check over your vehicle and carry out routine maintenance, such as checking the tire pressures and oil and fluid levels. This should be done as an absolute minimum, but it also is a smart idea to take your vehicle to a local mechanic to check that it is fit for longer journeys. Money spent here can save a lot of stress and problems if mechanical issues ensue during your journey and will give you the peace of mind to truly relax and unwind on your trip.

By Manali