In times of distress and trouble, we tend to lose ourselves, speak words out of anger, and make choices we regret in the long run. I know how it feels to be there—lack, betrayed, rejected, and lonely.

(when you need god )

Those are the days when you cry yourself to sleep and question your existence. Those are the days you want to end it all and give room for different thoughts. 

The past mistakes hurt and you don’t know how to ask for help from God because you feel unworthy to come before him. Remember these words:

“Be not alarmed; for I am your God. I am with you.” Do not be afraid. With my upright right hand, I will uphold you; I will help you; I will bolster you. “Fear not; I, the LORD your God, will hold your right hand and encourage you.”

Regardless, read down and see ways you can pray to God when you need help. There are many ways you can ask for help from God, but I will show you the most effective way.

1. Say a prayer of faith in God.

When asking God for help, remember to thank Him for the gift of faith. Things have been difficult. You are trying to stay positive and keep faith in the Lord. Ask Him to encourage you by bringing a passage of scripture to your attention, a perfect song, or someone in your path to lift you.

2. Pray for God’s help.

You are in need. Accept that you need help. Be open to God, and cry to Him for help. Pray over the circumstances; ask God to grant you peace over them; help you accept that which you can’t change; and grant you wisdom to change the things you can.

Tell him to enter your life, do His will, and bestow the discerning spirit on you. Back your prayers with Psalm 121, which says, “I will lift my eyes to you, for my aid comes from you, the creator of heaven and earth.” Lord, help me to escape this conflict and keep me safe from wickedness. Because of you, I am saved, kept, and protected. You keep watch over me all day and all night, direct my steps, and point the way.”

3.Tell him you depend on him.

You have been struggling on your own, looking for someone to depend on, trying to carry this thing called “life” on your own. Tell him you are tired and you want to depend on him.

Thank him for being your rock and not deserting you during those rough days, even with the distractions.

4.Ask to Know Him More.

When you get lost in life and don’t know what to do, Kneel and ask God to help you get closer to Him and understand what He is saying. Plead to hear his voice and let him guide you on this road called life. Tell him to show you ways you can draw closer to him and surround you with people that will help you to know him personally—ignite a fire in my spirit to have a special connection with you.

5.Remind him of his love and promises.

God loves you in so many ways. Regardless of what is happening in your life, though, he’s right there with you. God knows your circumstances and your struggles. Still, he loves you, regardless of any doubts or ugly past you have, and he keeps to his promises.


God is full of love and compassion. Even when you don’t know how to ask him for help, you can let your tears flow to his throne of mercy.

By Manali