Workplace accidents are numerous; while some occur rarely, many occur often. Workplace accidents can include injuries incurred while operating particular machinery or performing paperwork and while working with other work fellows.

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The knowledge and awareness of the accidents common in the workplace are imperative, just as how it is helpful for you and those around you to know how to prevent looming accidents in your working environment.

In this article, you will find the analysis of the three basic causes of workplace accidents.

1. Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are common accidents that are prevalent and frequently occur in every workplace. Research and statistics have always listed slips and falls as a result when top accidents are searched for.

Slipping is common with people walking in an icy environment, while fall is common with people who walk in height-related operational fields.

2. Repetitive Stress And Pronounced Injuries

Reports show that most common work injuries come from sprain and strains. And these account for 49% of injuries in workplaces.

Those heavy operating machinery are prone to musculoskeletal illnesses.

3. Struck by moving machinery 

Struck by moving machinery is often associated with and common in the building industry.

Research shows that workplace accident accounts for 13% of all workplace fatalities.

How to prevent workplace accidents

1. Stay Alert

To avoid accidents in the workplace, make sure you stay alert. This will not just help you be on your toes to complete more tasks faster, but also make you aware of portending accidents—saving yourself and people around you.

Studies established that people who fall victim to workplace accidents often feel sleepy and stay stressed out.

2. Approach Your Work Steadily

Commonly employees could be under pressure from supervisors or employers due to a given deadline.

Workers should take the appropriate amount of time necessary for the holistic completion of a task. However, as urgency is attached to a task, and while workers try to meet the deadline, accident is prone to occur while operating under pressure. Hence, it is always good to keep the pace of your working activities steady, taking the available amount of time and using it effectively.

3. Make Sure You Always Put On Safety Wares And Equipment

Most importantly, factory workers are to have a dress code with safety equipment and wares. These special wares are to protect the wearer from accidents in the factory work.

This category of workers should never take safety wares for granted because mistakes can come at any time.

4. Take Heed To Instructions

Often, workers are tempted to think they are experts, forgetting that they could make mistakes. Thereby neglecting the power and necessity of taking instruction and understanding the environment.

In this way, mistakes that can cause accidents can be made.

5. Mindfully Follow Emergency Drills

Another important initiative that workers neglect is an emergency drill. Even if they participate, they carelessly go through them without putting in their mind enough.

It is important to be informed that emergency drills are implemented to teach workers what to do in case of portending accidents.

6. Ensure You Are Well Trained

You must be well vast in the field you would be handling. Specifically, you should learn the skills of emergency safety and how to avoid accidents in your process of operation.

It won’t be ideal for someone who is not thoroughly trained in fire safety to take on a fireman job. The person would eventually open himself and others to devastating danger.

By Manali