Protecting the home from natural disasters is a top priority for most homeowners. However, many people make the mistake of piling up minor renovations to the last minute. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), forecasting storms and their impacts is becoming hard by day due to climate change. Therefore, it’s more than a great idea to follow best practices in protecting your home, and there’s no best time than now. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your home for the hurricane season.

Insulate Your Home

The more exposed your home is to the harsh weather conditions, the more vulnerable it is during the hurricane season. Insulating your home can be a great way to solve leaky window problems that let in water, making your home energy efficient. 

Several ways exist to insulate your home. However, one good option is to hire an experienced siding company for the job. An experienced contractor will have the chance to repair unseen structural damage, which ultimately protects your exterior against exposure to harsh weather conditions and improves your home’s energy efficiency.

Cover Your Outdoor AC Unit

Airborne debris and projectiles carried by the strong winds can clog your outdoor AC unit, causing it to malfunction. Protecting it can be a great way to prepare in anticipation of a hurricane. Some AC units provide a manufacturer-approved cover as an add-on to the AC purchase. Manufacturers tailor the design of the covers to suit the AC’s functionality, ensuring moisture doesn’t get trapped inside the cover and the AC unit. For this reason, you need to be mindful of the DIY alternatives you choose in place of the manufacturer-approved covers. 

Rid Your Exterior Of Heavy Debris

Anything surrounding your home that the strong winds can carry is a danger to your home and your health. Many of these objects, including tree stumps, low-hanging branches, lawn furniture, etc., may be scattered across your neighborhood. You can prompt local authorities to help clear the debris in your area. Activities to consider include cutting hanging tree branches, pruning trees, etc. 

If mobilizing the people for an area-wide cleanup before the hurricane sounds far-fetched, you can stick to your immediate surroundings. This can be a great way to prevent accidents and save you and your household through the hurricane.

Review Your Insurance Policies 

Anticipating the hurricane is a good time to take stock of your properties and sort out fragile valuables from others that can withstand shock. After this assessment, ensure you have an inactive insurance policy covering the full cost of rebuilding your home and replacing its contents. 

Power Surge Installation 

Power can be hard to control when the hurricane is at its strongest. Power surges can damage your appliances and electronics. Therefore, opting for power surge protection can be a great way to save your appliances along with contacting generator installation companies. Generally, the hurricane comes with numerous destruction. But you can lead a good life without looking over your shoulder for the hurricane season if you make your home hurricane ready, keeping you and your family safe.

By Manali