Interactive Brokers is one of the most popular brokerage services in the world. It usually gets used by many newcomers to the market, and there are several good reasons for that. The broker provides its users from more than 30 countries with reliable access to 135 markets, and the list includes Ireland, too. In this guide, we explain the conditions and main features of the Ireland office.

Quick info

Founded in 1977, Interactive Brokers is a US-based broker with about 30 offices internationally, and the Ireland branch is one of them. It offers you a lot of viable assets, including stocks, options, futures, currency pairs, ETFs, and so on. This variety means you can find yourself an asset you like and trade it successfully. By the way, there’s an entire educational database that you can use to learn more about trading from true experts.


Interactive Brokers is widely known to be an incredibly secure and trustworthy company. Regulated by a variety of international organizations and central banks, the broker also implements many safety measures to keep your funds safe. When it comes to Interactive Brokers Ireland, your money is also protected by the Irish Investor Compensation Scheme which allows you to claim any losses up to €20.000 and receive some compensation from the organization.

Trading conditions

Trading is available 24/6, and there is also a customer support service operating 24/5, so most of the time you can ask them any questions about the trading process. The variety of assets is indeed impressive, and there’s no minimum deposit — you can start investing with just $1 on your deposit. The leverage goes all the way to 1:1000 which’s good news for more experienced traders who are used to trading with higher leverages.

Please note: the broker does not support the MetaTrader 4/5 trading platforms.

Fee structure

One of the main reasons why Interactive Brokers is so popular among novice traders is its easy and transparent fee structure. This applies to the Ireland office, too. It shares the overall system of commissions with the main company. The more you trade, the lower commissions you pay: for example, the fee for trading Irish stocks may go from 0.05% down to 0.015% as your trade volume grows all the way to €500.000.000 a month.

By Manali