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YouTube downloader software are rather prominent these days. Many people want to download YouTube Vanced APK videos and save them on their computers. Using this kind of tool does not require the user to have any significant IT skills. You just have to add the YouTube link, and the video will get downloaded on the system.

Nowadays, is a significant player in this field. Whenever you search for a free YouTube video downloader, this website figures on the top. However, is it as valuable and safe as it showcases? Here is a detailed Yt1s review for your reference.

4 Major tools offered

Yt1s offers you four tools to choose from. These are:

  • YouTube Downloader- You can use it to download any video of YouTube and convert it to any format.
  • YouTube to Mp3- This will extract the audio from YouTube in Mp3 format.
  • YouTube to Mp4- Similar to above, this applies to the Mp4 format
  • Facebook downloader- This will allow you to download Facebook videos with ease.

Cost of YT1s software

YT1s claims that it is free software, and you do not have to pay anything to download videos. That is right, as you do not have to pay a penny to them for getting your favorite videos. You just have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, copy and paste the link of the video you want to download into the search bar
  • On the right-hand side, you will see the button “Convert (MP3/MP4)”. You will see all the downloadable options
  • Choose the link
  • Press on the green Download button, which will take you to a different site for the download.

Is YT1s safe for use

Whenever we are working online, we are pretty concerned about the security of our devices. Hence this part of the review remains the most important. Let us have a look at the site’s security settings:

  • A safe website having an SSL certificate
  • If you use your anti-virus software on the site, it will not find anything wrong.
  • There is no kind of advertising banner which might disrupt your download or your search
  • When you press download, you automatically reach the third-party site. You can be careful and avoid downloading any other malicious software.
  • But there are people who have unknowingly downloaded virus-laden software that disrupt their online working. For such people, the internet users suggest that they use freeware like FFmpeg, youtube-dl, etc., to download any introductory videos.

Final verdict is a simple website for downloading any videos from YouTube. Not only that, you can even convert the videos into any formats that you would like to download them in. Another bonus point is that the site does not charge you any money for doing so. But everything is not excellent here. While downloading the website takes you to a third-party website.

This third-party website may have malicious links which can download extra software into your computer. Naturally, this can put the safety of your laptop at peril. It is suggested that you should just leave the mouse once you click on the download button. That ways if there is any chance of you downloading anything extra, you can quickly eliminate it. You can also use a firewall to reduce the chances of any wrong downloads.

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