If you are looking for a bang for you buck soundbar that still delivers a very high quality of sound despite of its price, then you can check the nearest gear supply store in your area for the LG SL5Y 2.1 ch soundbar is for you. With an aesthetically pleasing design and a slim and simple set up, this one will be a user favorite.

The LG SL5Y is designed to have 2.1 channel systems. This means that this speaker has 2 units, including the soundbar itself and the subwoofer that happens to be wireless. With the soundbar size of 890 x 57 x 85mm, this soundbar will not take too much of the user’s multimedia set up. It also weighs only 5.2lbs, making it suitable to be placed anywhere and is handy to carry and can be wall mounted.  Its subwoofer also measures 171.0 x 393.0 x 248.5 mm and is only weighing 11.7 lbs. The subwoofer of the SL5Y can also occupy a very small spot in your television area. The subwoofer is also designed to be wireless leaving the speakers a much cleaner look as it only takes one power cord coming out of the speakers.

When it comes to the general design of the speaker, a cheap soundbar will not offer you a very fancy look. But the SL5Y 2.1 ch will still give you the clean aesthetic look that every user wanted to see. With the basic components that can be found on almost all of the soundbar in the market, the speaker possessed a curvy corner that makes it cleaner and the basic function buttons on the right side, which is composed of the volume control, the power button, and the “F” button which stand for functions. This includes the Bluetooth and the USB function of the speakers. LG added a membrane design to the right side of the soundbar where the buttons are located to keep it hidden as possible.

When it comes to display, most of the cheap soundbar that can be found in the market has a lacking front display. The SL5Y possessed the digital display making it outshine every other cheap soundbar in the market. The LED display was positioned on the center of the soundbar for easier access. The display shows the information such as the functions and the volume of the soundbar. The digital display will also darken after 15 seconds of idle time, making it not destructive if the users are watching TV.

What set LG S5Y soundbar a cut above others:


When it comes to connectivity, LG includes the Digital Optical input, a HDMI input, a HDMI output and also added an ARC support and a USB port that can let the users connect external storage and stream audio to. The HDMI 1.4 is being used in the soundbar. This means that there is only ARC support and no eARC support. The soundbar also miss the AUX port, but given the presence of the HDMI ports, some users might find the lacking AUX support not necessary. Its Bluetooth is only 4.0, this means that the connection into the Wi-Fi is not available for this device.

Control Options.

Just like any other soundbars made by LG, the SL5Y comes with a remote control also, despite of being considered to be a cheap type of soundbar. The remote controls has the power button, the volume adjustments, the big circular playback buttons, and the functions button which help the users access the different functionality of the soundbar. LG also includes an application that can be downloaded by the users. This application is called “Music Flow Bluetooth” that is only available to android users. The application come with extra features that cannot be accessed using the remote. This are the Dynamic Range Control, the Auto Volume Leveler, and the night mode.

The SL5Y offers numerous numbers of sound modes. This includes ASC or Adaptive Sound Control. This analyses the input audio and then help to adjust the sound accordingly for the best audio result. The Bass Blast that enhances the low frequencies and the Standard that offers a more balanced acoustic result, and the DTS Virutal:S. Even if the soundbar is only a 2.1 channel soundbar, the soundbar can add another set of speakers. This might take another amount from the users pocket, but if you wanted to make it have a more surround effect, then the additional kit is advisable to be purchased.  Another special feature of the SL5Y is that it supports HDMI-CEC, LG Sound Sync and SIMPLELINK which allows the users to use the TV remote in order to control the unit which is very efficient if the users don’t want to have a numerous remote on their tables. A truly great gear supply and addition to any home theaters at home. A cheap yet having a wide range of functions that nowhere to be found if based on the cheap type of soundbar in the market.

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