You need to start looking for drug rehab in Florida if you suffer from benzo withdrawal. Benzo or benzodiazepine refers to medications for depressing our central nervous system. They are usually prescribed for people suffering from sleep problems and anxiety. However, these drugs can cause withdrawal when you suddenly stop using them. Withdrawal symptoms may not be the same for everyone but these can start within 24 hours of stopping drug use and continue for months.

What to do for benzo withdrawal treatment in Florida

The most common benzos are alprazolam, diazepam, lorazepam, clonazepam, etc. All of them are habit-forming and patients can start becoming dependent on them. This is why withdrawal becomes challenging. You need to check into a reputed Florida drug rehab to get proper benzo withdrawal treatment.

It is important to wean yourself away from benzos under proper guidance from a healthcare professional. He can recommend the best coping strategies and medications to make withdrawal smoother and comfortable. Withdrawal for every patient is likely to be different depending on how long he has been taking this drug. Factors like the dosage amount, using drugs without prescription, using other drugs simultaneously, abusing alcohol, etc also make a difference.

Benzo withdrawal takes place in 3 stages, each having an approximate timeline. Early/immediate withdrawal happens right after a person stops taking the drugs. Withdrawal symptoms from drugs like Xanax tend to surface faster than drugs like Valium. During this phase, insomnia and anxiety are common. Acute withdrawal happens after the early withdrawal stage within the next few days. This stage is marked by most symptoms associated with benzo withdrawal. During his stage, doctors at a drug detox in Florida will monitor the patient and prescribe medicines. Protracted withdrawal is for symptoms that continue to linger. These symptoms may be anxiety, insomnia, and poor concentration, depression, and mood swings. Here, targeted therapies, counseling, and medicines are used for alleviating the symptoms.

So, benzo withdrawal can become severe, often life-threatening as well. It is important to be under the care of professionals. Detox facilities are the best places for people who have been taking high doses. These are medically supervised and the patient is usually given drugs for easing symptoms.

Residential/inpatient rehab will provide medical detox as part of their benzo addiction treatment program. You can call their addiction hotline to find out about treatment options. Inpatient treatments will include group therapy, sessions with counselors, and 12-step meetings.

Intensive outpatient treatment for benzo withdrawal will be provided usually 2 or more times during the week and covers group sessions. Partial hospitalization programs usually meet about 5 days weekly for approximately 6 hours. These include individual or group counseling sessions, and psychiatrist appointments. Extended residential programs can be offered by halfway homes that provide continuous supervision until the person is self-confident.

While there is no FDA-approved medication for treating benzo withdrawal specifically, some drugs that are given include SSRI antidepressants, beta-blockers, anticonvulsants, clonidine, and ondansetron. For very severe symptoms, doctors may prescribe other drugs but it depends on the case in hand.

If you know someone suffering from benzo withdrawal you should refer him to Daylight Detox. It is one of the most highly-recommended detox facilities where you can get the necessary medical help.

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