Nangs are extremely popular whipped cream dispensers and perfect for large crowds.

The problem is that they come in either 580g Tank or 3.3L Tanks, which means you might need to purchase 5-8 of the smaller ones to make up one of the larger ones.

So here’s some information about cans, their pros and cons, and which one your devices are excellent for turning ordinary cans of the whipped cream into delicious, creamy whipped cream.

The 580g Nangs work by injecting nitrous oxide (N2O) straight into the can of whipped cream through a nozzle. The 3.3l model works by filling up a separate dispenser with whipped cream and attaching it to the top of the Nang dispenser.

Nangs 580g Pros:

Nangs 580g are significantly cheaper than the Nangs 3.3l, so if you have a significant event coming up or are just trying to get multiple whipped cream dispensers for your home, they’ll save you some money.


The gas is injected considerably quieter with the smaller unit because it’s a smaller volume. This means you’ll be less likely to annoy your neighbors or attract attention from the authorities if you’re using it at night.

You’ll Need To Buy Larger If You Have A Large Crowd:

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can save money and time by buying 580g Nangs instead of 3.3l Nangs, but they don’t realize how quickly the tiny cans will be emptied with a group of teenagers or prominent party guests.

To solve this problem, you’ll need to buy 5-8 of them to keep everyone happy, which will end up costing you more than if you purchased one 3.3l Nang, to begin with.

They Are Easier To Use 

The 580g Nangs are much simpler since they only have one function. And the best part is that each can is self-contained with its charger, meaning there’s nothing else to buy when you want to use it again.

  • Nangs 580g Cons:

Less Control:

If you use up all your whipped cream in one go, you’ll be left with an empty can that’s very hard to clean out. It isn’t such a big deal if you’re using Nangs just for yourself, but it’s certainly not ideal if you’re trying to whip cream for a crowd.

They Run Out Quickly:

As mentioned before, 580g is much smaller than 3.3l, so you’ll have to use them more often. But this isn’t a problem as long as you have the time/energy to do so.

  • Nangs 3.3l Pros:

More Cream per Pump:

Each pump of the Nangs 3.3l container will give you more whipped cream than with a 580g can, so if you’re often finding that your whipped cream runs out before everyone has had their share, then this is the container for you.

Faster Dispensing:

If you look, you’ll see that the Nangs 3.3l makes it easier to dispense more significant amounts of whipped cream in a shorter period.


The larger can of whipped cream be reused, making it far better value for money in the long run than the smaller cans of whipped cream, which are usually thrown away after one use.


The 3.3l Nangs are a lot quieter than the smaller cans of whipped cream, to begin with, and the noise is even further reduced by attaching a piece of cloth around it, so it absorbs some sound.

It also makes less of a popping noise when it’s being injected into the can of whipped cream.

Maximum Control:

You can control exactly how much foam you make, which is helpful if you’re trying to whip cream for a large group of people or are trying to make different kinds of foam simultaneously (like mousse and whipped cream).

No Waste:

You won’t have to throw away empty cans, which means you can save money by buying whipped cream in bulk and refilling the dispensers yourself.

  • Nangs 3.3l Cons:


They are much heavier than 580gs, so they’re not as portable for traveling or events.

Expensive Refills:

You can’t buy pre-filled 3.3l dispensers, so you’ll have to pay extra money on top of the price of the Nang for new cans of whipped cream (which isn’t very cost-effective if you’re buying it over time).

They break easily:

The straws are made of thin plastic, making them very easy to crack or break. If this happens, you’ll have to replace the whole unit.

Not very stable:

The straws are attached to the lid of the can, which means there’s a reasonable chance that they’ll snap off when you’re dispensing your foam.

Nangs 3.3l Overall:

If you’re using Nangs for yourself, 580g is a clear winner. But if you’re buying whipped cream for a crowd, 3.3l is much more cost-effective and convenient.

  • Which One Should I Buy?

So, which Nang size should you buy? Here’s the real question: how much-whipped cream do you need for your event or daily use? If it’s just for you to use on ordinary days, get 580g.

However, if you’re whipping cream regularly, traveling with it often, or hosting big parties/events, then go for Nang 3.3L Tank And of course, if you can make enough whipped cream with one Nang size, by all means, stick with it.


If you’re going to an event where portability and convenience are more important than control and maximum savings, 580gs is better.

But if you want to whip cream for many people or you want to make different kinds of foam at the same time, 3.3ls is better.

If you want to buy a Nang, consider buying it from Nangs for fast and secure delivery!

By Manali