The city of Rawalpindi has substantially evolved over the past several years into an appreciably famous metropolitan area. With the expansion of the city’s infrastructure, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) initiatives have gradually beautified the general appearance of the town. Capital Smart City is the best housing society for living.

Rawalpindi is a significant metropolitan metropolis that focuses on financial and commercial activities. It is Pakistan’s fourth most populated city. It is renowned as the Twin Cities and for its social & business relations with Islamabad. In recent times, Rawalpindi and Islamabad have experienced a boom in immigration. A flurry of new housing complexes has cropped up inside the city and outside to accommodate these expanding housing requirements. The condition of the Rawalpindi housing market has altered since the New Islamabad International Airport establishment. There is an extensive list of constructing new housing society projects in Rawalpindi and the adjacent regions. Every house developer will have their own set of unique ideas. First-rate services and facilities complement these.

New Housing Projects in Rawalpindi:

The city has massively expanded, and various housing projects have been established during the previous few years. This post will give you an insight into the latest home projects in Rawalpindi, which are worth your precious investment.


Established underneath the Army Welfare Housing Scheme banner, the DHA Phase 1 is connected to one of the largest housing societies with tremendous potential for commercial as well as residential competence. The property for sale in DHA 1 Rawalpindi is presently considered some of the most lucrative investments in the upcoming years.

The DHA Phase 1 is a significant residential estate with excellent commercial and housing competency potential. It is recognized under the name of the Army Welfare Housing Scheme. The new residential projects in Rawalpindi, notably DHA, are now rated one of the most profitable for businesses in the years ahead. This apartment has been fully erected, and it is currently the topic of the country’s most wealthy housing societies. Over the previous year, the price of the plots has grown, and this propensity is predicted to continue. As a result, owning a house is a reasonable decision.


Shelter & Shelter (Private) Limited introduces Shalimar Town, a new housing development in Rawalpindi. It’s a beautiful combination of development and luxury. The government facilities are strongly stressed as the country aspires to become a contemporary civilization. It would be a fantastic area to live in. Shalimar Town is positioned near a New Islamabad International Terminal on the Islamabad-Peshawar Road. Shalimar Town is also near Faisal Town, Faisal Hills, containing Axis Mall & Apartments. This vast housing community is being developed to leverage the British idea of urban planning. Read more about Blue World City.


Mumtaz City is a relatively recent housing complex in Rawalpindi. Mumtaz Construction Firm (Private) Limited is the corporation behind it. Not only are locals being lured in, but also former and visitors from other nations. A large amount of 3000 Kanal has already been cast aside for the construction project. It is believed to be ideal on the Islamabad Motorway Interchange. It is accessible from nearly all city districts since it is positioned by many link routes. This project fulfills a wide variety of needs. Residential apartments, flats, a business center, and farmhouses are included.


The CBR Home Society Rawalpindi is one of the latest housing developments in Rawalpindi, with the ability to transform your money into significant returns in the future. This Housing Project is rising at an astounding rate, with outstanding infrastructure and required facilities. So, if you’re considering acquiring a house in CBR Cooperative Society Rawalpindi, you’re undertaking a life-altering decision. Since the CBR Housing Society is being developed and apartments are being created fast, investment in it can allow investors to increase their money over time. In current days, you may get a property in the CBR Housing Scheme for a reasonable price. However, the costs are likely to increase in this town in fast succession.


The new residential project Motorway City is situated near a New Islamabad International Terminal. This program has been under development. However, since the installation of the construction airport, it’s become an enormous business possibility. The Qazi Group of companies is creating this excellent home estate. It is located in Mouza Ratwal’s Fateh Jang Tehsil. Motorway City would be only 10 kilometers from the airport site. It is devoted to producing a model housing program and delivers stunning but sophisticated facilities and exquisite amenities. It has a 5-year monthly installments plan, with a 5 percent down payment required upon booking.


PIA Enclave is yet another freshly developed housing complex in Rawalpindi. It is a massive magnet for aviation experts, both domestically and globally. Furthermore, owing to its closeness to the airport, it is demonstrating a solid market trend. Nevertheless, in RDA, the community NOC is in the process. The PIA Enclave is located around 5 kilometers from the New Islamabad International Airport. It will provide inhabitants all of their present conveniences. The location is displayed in the first phases of the building. The booking process will start with a % deposit. In addition, the unpaid balance is payable in three payments over three years. For best location invest in 1947 Housing?

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