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What is Private proxy server

A proxy is computer that provides a network service to allow clients to create indirect network connections to other network services. Private proxy is setup for internal users or paying customers. They have firewall or authentication system to block invalid connection. They are dedicated servers for specific users and customers, faster, reliable, and safer than public free proxy.


1. High performance

Because the private proxy server is dedicated for specific users and customers, it will not be accessed by many public users. So, the speed, bandwidth is guaranteed. The performance is much better than the free public proxy servers.

2. No security risk – the pirate bay

Some public proxy servers are provided by hackers to acquire your info, they are dangerous. Such issue doesn’t exist in private servers.


Private server could be uptime 100%

The service will be available all your life if you pay for them.


1. Not free

Private server is not free, you have to pay money to get service.

It is fair. Because the resource (server, bandwidth) is only enjoyed by yourself, so you cannot get it without purchase.

One private server price is generally 5$~10$ per month.

2.Only one country

If you like US proxy, you can buy US one.

If you like UK proxy, you can buy UK one.

But You cannot buy private server in every country, and it is a waiter of money to buy to many proxies.

Free try multi-country solution for private proxy servers

You cannot find private proxy server for free, even it is hard to find free try chance.

Quick Hide IP Platinum software provides free try private proxies in multiple countries.

Its major features are:

1. You can use US/UK/DE proxies. There is no need to buy private proxy in different countries.

2. 3-day free trial to enjoy the private service.

3. Don’t need to change proxy in IE/Firefox/Chrome manually every time, you can do this in Quick Hide IP Platinum by “One Click”.

4. Fully compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

5. Fully compatible with Windows Pindos 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

6. Automatically switch IP address every X minute for better anonymous surfing. 7.Advanced proxy list testing, sorting, sand management.

By Manali