Give it some gas! Americans have nearly 37 million barrels of propane. This sounds like a big number, yet it’s enough of a supply for just 32 days of use.

Barrels of propane don’t last very long, in part because of leaks. A propane leak can damage your appliances and your health, especially if you are not aware of propane leak symptoms. You need to do some studying right now so you avoid significant damage.

What are the most common symptoms of a propane leak? What effects can propane have on your health and your home? What do you have to do to stop a leak?

Answer these questions and you can preserve your propane and avoid health problems. Here is your quick guide.

Noxious Odors

Propane by itself does not have an odor. But many manufacturers add a chemical to it that creates a smell so you can know if you have a propane leak or not.

If you smell something akin to rotten eggs or dead animals, you may have a leak. The smell may come from your basement or walls, depending on where your propane is stored.

Difficulty Breathing

Propane can displace the oxygen inside your lungs, even in low concentrations. A leak may make it harder to breathe, despite taking deep breaths or not exerting yourself. When you go outside, you can regain your ability.


As time goes on, you can become exposed to carbon monoxide through your propane. Carbon monoxide poisoning creates several symptoms, including extreme fatigue.

You may find yourself exhausted after doing basic activities. You may feel disoriented or confused in addition to being extremely tired.

If you find yourself losing consciousness, you should evacuate your house and get some fresh air. You should then call a propane leak detection team to track down where the leak is coming from.

Dead Plants

A lack of oxygen affects plants as much as it affects humans. Plants will start to shrivel and turn brown if they do not have clean air.

Place plants in different rooms of your house. If they start to die in one particular room, you may have a gas leak there. Try moving the plants to another space and seeing if they recover once they have access to oxygen.

Broken Appliances

You may need propane for a refrigerator, freezer, or cooktop. Your appliances may stop working once they lose a constant supply of propane. Their lights may dim, or they may shut down while you are using them. In such cases, it is essential to promptly seek professional refrigerator repair services to address any issues and ensure the proper functioning of your propane-powered appliances. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can prolong the life of your appliances and prevent inconvenient breakdowns.

If your appliances break for no apparent reason, there is something wrong with your propane line or tank. You should call a repair company and ask for more information about how to drain a leaking propane tank.

The Most Common Propane Leak Symptoms

There are a lot of propane leak symptoms you need to keep track of. The most common symptom is a noxious odor, which comes from a chemical mixed with your gas.

As you start to breathe in propane, you may experience difficulty breathing. As you become more exposed, you may suffer from fatigue and disorientation.

Your plants will also begin to die and your gas appliances will stop working. You need to call a repair company to get your gas pipes fixed.

Propane leaks are just one risk in your home. Read more health guides by following our coverage.

By Manali