We all love our bathrooms to look nice and remodels always help to keep it looking fresh and brand new. Even though you may not spend much time in the bathroom and it may not be your favorite room in the house, you always want it to look nice. There are many ideas when it comes to remodeling and improving your bathroom. Whether it’s a general bathroom, a guest one or your personal bathroom, these improvements will definitely have your bathroom looking better than ever.

An important point to note here is that if the bathroom is in continuous use since long without any repairs being done, there might be a serious need for repairs in terms of shower resealing, repairing the tiles, leaking shower heads or taps, shower & bathroom mould repair, plumbing repairs etc. So, if you are willing to remodel your bathroom, your first step should be to get these repairs sorted. You can hire professionals with good experience and expertise who can get it done for you. For instance, if you are looking for the shower regrouting service and are based in Perth, you may want to consider availing the services offered by shower regrouting perth team who will work as per your preferences and would render you with the best quality of services. Once these are done, you can go ahead with any of the following ideas or any new creative idea that you may have to help you remodel your bathroom.

Install a toilet with a hidden tank

In this regard, you are definitely going for a full bathroom remodel and you cannot do it on your own. For the best results without errors or any unforeseen costs, you will need a contractor for this. Low flow toilets, or toilets with hidden tanks tend to have tanks immersed in the wall, so you will be needing expertise to install this, hence the contactor. A contractor can also help you choose the best locations for the toilet and even come up with an arrangement to help improve the overall feel of the bathroom.

Hidden tank toilets are best suited to small toilets, with living rooms and guest toilets. Alternatively, small homes with small bathrooms are also perfect for this type of toilet.

Install small or no tubs

Contrary to what most people think, you don’t have to have a tub in your bathroom, unless baths are something of a regular occurrence for you. Without a tub, you have more space in your bathroom and you can do more creative things with this space. A shower in a strategic corner is always a great idea, especially since there are many creative options available.

Baths may however carry some aesthetic appeal and as such, you may want to install one. In such an event then, a smaller tub is always best. You will have to worry less about cleaning, or stubbing your toe on a small tub compared to a big tub. The best part is that they are usually cheaper than big tubs, so even on a budget, you can get one.

Install heated floors

This is one of those improvements that will only come in handy when you are opting for a complete bathroom remodel, and will also require the services of a contractor. When you are faced with the option of redoing the bathroom floors, heated flooring is a great idea, only if you can afford it. It comes in handy especially in the winter months when everywhere is cold and traditional floor tiles will also be cold to the feet. This improvement is one that can be done in any bathroom, but it will likely cost more to install in a big bathroom than in a smaller one. Thankfully, it is relatively cheap to install heated floors than to employ central heating in your bathroom, even for larger bathrooms.

Install 2-inch drain pipes

If you’ve ever wondered why your bathroom clogs frequently, then it’s probably your drain pipe, and it’s a common issue in many bathrooms. It’s not one of those remodeling changes that will be noticeable, but its effect is sure to be felt. Most drainages in bathrooms are usually fitted with 1.5 or 1.25 inch diameter pipes. While this isn’t exactly small, it tends to fill up easily and be clogged. The more people that use the bathroom, the higher the chances that the pipe will be clogged. This is mostly applicable for general bathrooms, as not many people use guest bathrooms. During your bathroom remodel, ask your contractor to install 2 inch diameter drain pipes in your family bathroom. With less chances of clogging, you are sure to enjoy the bathroom far more.

Place a window in the shower

Humidity and the bathroom don’t mix and it will always create an unpleasant atmosphere in the bathroom. The shower is often the source of humidity in the bathroom and it then spreads to other parts. You can reduce the humidity in the bathroom or eliminate it altogether by placing a window in the shower, allowing humidity to flow outwards, rather than into the rest of the bathroom. Additionally, it allows fresh air to flow into the bathroom, shower first, which will help eliminate bad smells and dampness from the bathroom.


By focusing your bathroom remodel in the right way, you end up getting more value for less money. Ensure you work with a seasoned contractor, as they will not only know what to do, but they will also give you a bathroom remodel that will have your bathroom feeling wonderful for a long time.

By Manali