The most successful companies should know how to keep their experienced residential property managers. In December of 2021, over 4 million Americans quit their jobs.

When turnover is a threat, property management becomes more of a challenge. With this being one of the hardest-hit industries, you may need tips on retaining the best. Learn how to do it with this easy guide.

What Residential Property Managers Need

Residential property managers have needs like other employees who have left their companies. You may want to take some time to find out what needs you can meet.

Do they need more of a balance between work and family life? Does your property management company offer a competitive salary? What about a benefits package?

Talking with your residential property managers can keep you aware of what they need to do their jobs. It will help you retain experienced staff.

Communication is crucial for retention. Your employees may have basic life needs that must get met for them to be able to travel to work each day.

Make Working Fun

Some may argue that a property management company can have managers that work from home. They can use a computer and telephone to get most of their work done.

When you want residential property managers that come to the office, you need to entice them. Make it more enjoyable.

You can create some office perks that may make working in the office better than working from home. Buy an espresso machine and stock the fridge with snacks. The residential property managers can grab these at leisure without leaving the office.

Contract with maintenance companies to give your property managers a break. Consider a call center to offer renters support any time of day while your employees are off the clock. At, owners know their tenants get help when they need it.

Have property management company celebrations for your team. Close the office early once a month and take them out to lunch to enjoy some well-deserved time away.

Offer Employee Development

Aside from getting benefits, many residential property managers want to enhance their skills. Consider regular training to improve their skill set. Real estate property management evolves as times change.

Experienced property managers will help your company grow. They will also offer greater assurance to potential clients. Owners and renters will trust managers who have years of experience and training.

Growth opportunities can keep residential property management at peak form. Your managers learn industry standards and gain insights into showcasing new skills. Real estate conferences provide lots of learning opportunities.

Invest in and Recognize the Best

When you want to retain residential property managers, you need to recognize excellence. Many employees feel they never get noticed or valued for their work. When you have talented employees, you should show it by investing in them and recognizing a job done well.

With our guide, you can develop strategies to keep the best property managers in the business. Increasing retention efforts will keep your company providing the best service. Check out our other articles for more business improvement tips!

By Manali