While it is fun to be paid, it can be quite overwhelming when it comes to doing your taxes. Nobody loves to sit down and do their taxes, and you will never hear anybody describing that experience as fun. However, if you happen to have a job that pays the bills, taxes tend to be the natural extension of that equation. It is something that you can’t quite escape. Whether you are the type to do your taxes on your own, or you like to trust the professionals for the same, there are some steps that you must take before you dive into that journey. 

Speaking of professionals, E.A. Buck Accounting & Tax Services happen to be quite the prominent name when it comes to professional tax services. If you avail of tax services from these guys, you have ensured an accurate, time-efficient, and safe way of doing your taxes. Whether it is you or the professionals who are handling your taxes this year, here are some of the things to be kept in mind before you embark on the journey.

  • Keep your receipts: Make a habit of keeping your receipts. What kind of receipts you should keep generally depends on whether you want to itemize your deductions or you want to claim the standard deduction. While you will want to choose the receipt that offers the bigger write-off, the only way to know that is by comparing your receipt, so it’s a safer bet to keep all of your receipts. You will want to keep an eye out for receipts that are not covered by medical insurance or reimbursements. You can also keep any backup receipts for any contributions towards a charity for itemized deductions.
  • Round up your documents: Gather all of your annual tax records, the majority of which will hopefully have arrived by the end of January and will contain the details of your taxable income and deductible spending. Some of the forms that you might need are Form W-2 if you are employed under an organization, an array of 1099 forms that announce any other income you received. You will probably also receive Form 1098, which essentially reports any mortgage interest paid by you, and Form W-2G if you happen to have won any gambles. Having all the documents handy and ready to go will make your job a lot easier.  In case you want to hire an expert, we recommend to have a peek at this web-site.
  • Discuss any changes: Make changes if necessary. Life is constantly evolving; with the life changes, the expenses incurred and the taxes owned also change. Have you had any significant life changes recently? Did you get married or have had children, and your family has extended significantly? Or you might have just suffered a divorce. Whatever life changes occur, your taxes will be affected by them, so attend to them accordingly. It is best to talk to a professional about how your evolving life affects your taxes and how to deal with it the best way.
  • Decide on any extensions: We get it. Doing your taxes can be confusing and overwhelming, and you might need more time to either get your documents in order or to just sit down and tackle the job. If you need more time to get all of your taxes done, you can also apply for an extended deadline for your tax return submission. However, you must stick to that extended date and submit the estimated amount you owe in time before the final date in order to avoid any penalties.
  • Plan for refunds: If you expect any refund, it is best to handle them smartly. This means you can extend the whole amount of the refund or the partial amount to the next year’s taxes or have them transferred to another account, whether it is your IRAs or any other savings account.
  • Refer to the past year: While every year is different, having last year’s tax document ready for reference might be good. The last year’s tax claims will not only give you clarity on the differences which occurred in a year’s time, but it will also jog your memory about the things that didn’t change, like that annual charity that you forgot to itemize or 

Taxes can sure be confusing for beginners, but it is a necessary part of adulting, and trust us, it does get easier with time. If you go through the above-mentioned steps, it will automatically make the process of doing your taxes quite smooth and painless.

By Manali