7% of all daily Google searches are health-related.

These searches range from people seeking medical services to hospitals shopping for pharmaceuticals. Despite this huge demand for healthcare products, many companies in this industry struggle to generate sales. They have no idea how to reach healthcare consumers and generate leads.

To counter this challenge, adopt these targeted marketing techniques.

Tailored Email Marketing

Many healthcare marketers don’t want to admit that mass email marketing is dead. They still send a generic email to a huge group of people and hope they’ll generate leads. Unfortunately, most of these emails end up in the spam folders as they’re targeting the wrong people.

To overcome this challenge, invest in tailored email marketing. You want to create an email list of people who need your healthcare products/services. The great thing is that companies like heartbeat.ai offer these email lists, so you don’t need to create them from scratch.

Once you invest in an email list, learn how to develop personalized marketing content. You want to send out emails that offer relevant information and increase brand awareness. Your email message should address the target audience’s problem and offer an appropriate solution.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Increasing your website traffic by investing in healthcare marketing is only half the battle. The other half is converting the traffic into buying customers, and here’s where many businesses struggle. These healthcare businesses attract the wrong people to their sites, and that’s why they have a high bounce rate.

To overcome this digital marketing challenge, you need to learn how to increase quality traffic. You want to ensure that the people who visit your website need your healthcare services/products. To achieve this goal, invest in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

PPC is an advertising model where you only pay a fee when someone clicks on your ad. With PPC advertising, it’s easy to track performance and refine your target marketing strategy.

Local Marketing

Your biggest target market is the people closest to you as a medical practice. These individuals can access your healthcare services without traveling thousands of miles. To reach out to these healthcare consumers, invest in local marketing.

Start with the simple things, such as investing in local SEO. You want to increase your website’s visibility to local searches. Also, you want to build online credibility to draw in more foot traffic to your medical practice.

Boost Sales by Learning How to Reach Healthcare Consumers

For your business/practice to stand out in the healthcare industry, you need to adopt the above-targeted marketing techniques. You want to reach out to more healthcare consumers, thereby boosting leads. So, invest in tailored email marketing to reach out to the right target market group.

Next, look for ways to optimize your medical practice’s website for local searches.

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By Manali