Once the US citizens were able to enter India without any kind of visa, but you need an e visa India from USA to enter the country. The main reason is sometimes it can just be too hectic to get the visa on entry, and unnecessary waiting at the airport. Indian visa authorities have made the visas for India for US citizens just too easy. The main reason for that is that the Indian Governments want a cordial relationship between the two countries. The other reason is that the two counties have entered into a sort of joint venture in many economic projects. 

The Americans see India as one of the largest economies in the region, as it is also in the interest of American businessmen. Due to this, the Indian government has made the procedure just too easy for the Visa for India from USA. There are millions of Americans who want to travel to this amazing country. You can even apply for Indian visa from USA  for an unbelievable 19 years. The 10 year Indian visa for US citizens is a great addition for travelers to conveniently travel to the country.

In this article we are highlighting the 10 years visa for the  India visa US Citizen, you can apply for Indian visa from USA. But the processing fee and the documentation are quite different from each other due to the purpose of each kind of visa. We are describing the different types of e visa India from USA in this article:

The 10 year Indian visa for US Citizens:

The 10 year visa is a great addition to the “e visa India from USA” as it has made the travel just too easy for the American citizen. People like businessmen have to travel many times to the country due to their requirements as it is necessary for them. They can use the 10 year Indian visa for US Citizens to enter the country, without any future documentation. 

This visa does mean you can stay for 10 long years in the country, but y9u can re-enter during the period of 10 years in the country. You can stay for 6 months during each of your visits. This is one of the most advanced types of multiple entry visas to any country. The normal fee of the 10 year visa is higher than the normal visa, a 5-year visa for India from USA can be obtained for $ 95 only.

Why is there a 10 year Indian visa for US Citizens?

As mentioned above the two counties enjoy a special cordial relationship with each other. This is the main reason the two counties are enjoying the best economic ties, and there are many businessmen and tourists traveling too frequently, so such people can apply for Indian visas from USA  for 10 years long time. 

This is great to increase the economic activity in the country. Both the counties are enjoying the best relationship in the field of IT as most of the Indian IT entrepreneurs are working for American companies.

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