The efficacy of any birth control method or technique differs from person to person. The method you might consider suitable for you is sometimes not the best for different individuals, whether male or female. 

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Certain measures should be put in place while trying to prevent unwelcome pregnancy. As a man or woman, you need to ask yourself, will this method protect me from contracting sexually transmitted diseases? Can I afford this method? My effort to avoid unwanted pregnancy, etc.

In this post, I will share the seven best birth control methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse.


Celibacy means there won’t be any sexual intercourse. It’s very advantageous because you do not have to worry about unwanted pregnancy as a man or woman. Withholding from sexual intercourse protects you from STDs and other transmittable diseases caused by sex.

Using the method of surgical sterilization for male 

In this method, the doctor blocks the testes tube of the man, in which the semen doesn’t possess any cum. Therefore, allowing the man to have sex without worrying about unintended pregnancy from their partner. The surgery is done only once using anesthesia to ease the pain, and the surgical procedure is not meant to be undone.

Sterilization surgery method for women 

The two uterine ducts (isthmus as well as ampulla) of the woman are sealed to prevent the semen from entering her eggs. You have to visit a physician; this technique is a one-time thing. Possible risks to be encountered while adapting to this method are bleeding, pains, etc. Sometimes there is a tendency for paralysis during pregnancy.

Taking a shot of progestin as a birth control method

This shot is given by the physician to women to prevent themselves from unintended pregnancy. The injection can last for three months. This method is useful even when lactating your child and is very much reversible. To enjoy having sex without worrying about getting pregnant, you have to continue taking the vaccination. The disadvantages of this method are that it might result in headaches, percolating from the vagina, etc.

Vaginal ring procedure for fertility control

NavuRing also known as the vaginal ring, is a pliable adjustable noose(ring) that is fixed inside the woman’s vagina. Each ring lasts for one month. You can visit a doctor for the ring to be placed in the right place to avoid any complications. But it does not protect you from contracting STDs. The probability of heart attack, stroke, vaginal release, etc. It stands to be high.

The men’s method of using condoms for birth control 

It’s put on an erected penis before penetrating the woman’s uterus. Very common and flexible and can be carried about. Using a latex condom as a man protects you from sexually transmitted diseases.

Some men often complain when their partner asks them to use a condom because they feel it makes the sex less enjoyable.

The withdrawal method

The penis of the man is removed out of the woman’s uterus immediately before reaching the peak of orgasm.

It’s a method that doesn’t need any medical attention. The con of this technique is that no assurance of not contacting STDs. If the man does not pull out instantly during intercourse, there might be a risk of unwanted pregnancy.

By Manali