No matter what your fitness level, swimming is great for your health.

Swimming has the power to tone your muscles, stimulate your heart rate, turn your time back and relax, more like a beach in the Bahamas. If these reasons are not enough for you to put on your swimsuit and swimming helmet, here are 8 benefits cited by specialists, benefits for which you will not give up the pool subscription.

The 8 main benefits of swimming

You have a workout that works all muscle groups

Swimming uses all the muscles of the body, so whether you swim lightly or choose the butterfly style, in the end you will check a complete workout lifeguard class. In addition, physical exertion in the water causes the body to work harder in a shorter amount of time. 30 minutes of swimming is comparable to 45 minutes in the gym.

Swimming is great for general well-being

30 minutes of swimming, three times a week along with a healthy and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, is the best way to keep your body weight and mental state at an excellent level. You can go swimming with your friends to make this workout look like a beautiful splash.

Benefits of swimming: relieves stress and relaxes

Whether you’re stressed out about your job, your children who don’t give you peace of mind, or your life in general, we all take the time to scream to free ourselves. Swimming regularly can lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve sleep quality. To feel the mental benefits of swimming, all you have to do is splash, swim “for fun”.

The benefits of swimming: it burns “those” calories

A relaxed swimming style burns up to 200 calories in half an hour, more than double your walking distance. A faster swimming style will make you see how a chocolate bar goes faster than if you burned those calories running or cycling.

Swimming reduces the risk of getting sick

This is one of the reasons why it is the most recommended sport for children . In addition to the fact that you are in great shape due to cardio exercises, half an hour of swimming a week protects you from heart disease, heart attack and type 2 diabetes.

Swimming supports the body

Water accounts for almost 90% of body weight. So if you’ve been twisting your ankle in football for the past few days or are still feeling the effects of an illness, swimming is a great way to stay active.

Swimming increases the body’s energy level

Lack of activity and not aging is most often responsible for people’s low energy levels. 30 minutes of swimming, three times a week, can increase the body’s energy level and metabolic rate.

The benefits of swimming: physical effort without sweating

If sweating is holding you back from other sports, you have nothing to worry about. As a swimmer, you will never feel sweaty, no matter how much you work, because the water around you is constantly cooling you.

Swimming is the  only sport that can be practiced by anyone and at any age , from the age of 3 months to deep old age, including pregnant women.

There are a number of benefits you can get from swimming lessons on a regular basis.

The benefits of swimming

 Your whole body works

 It lowers blood pressure, lowers heart rate, increases endurance and decreases the frequency of varicose veins.

Muscle relaxation

Apart from the fact that swimming is one of the best cardio exercises, it is also a wonderful stretching exercise.

Swimming improves sleep

One of the most important gains of swimming is that it helps you sleep better at night. In a  study  of elderly adults with insomnia, participants reported both an increase in quality of life and an increase in sleep after starting to do regular aerobic exercise and swimming.

It improves your mood

Are you stressed about your job? Of children or of life in general? Swimming regularly can lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve sleep quality.

Swimming is also a safe sport for expectant mothers

Swimming is not only safe for pregnant women, but often even indicated. Expectant mothers and their children can benefit greatly from swimming lessons. Swimming is also an activity that can be performed by the mother in all three trimesters of pregnancy.

Increased flexibility Unlike weight training, where each workout focuses on certain muscle groups, thus generating limited movements, swimming generates complete movements, which help the joints to remain flexible. The arms make complete circular movements; the pelvis is in a constant.

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