By 2050, it’s estimated that one in ten people will experience hearing loss in some form.

It’s super common for people, both young and old, to have problems with their ears. The inner ear is a very fragile and complex system, making some issues throughout life almost inevitable!

If you’ve lost hearing in one ear, you’re not alone. Many people have experienced this and it doesn’t always mean anything too serious is going on, so don’t panic!

Check out the causes of hearing loss in one ear to find out what could be behind yours.

Glue Ear Fluid Build Up

Glue ear is a very common problem and not something to worry about. It’s particularly common in children but can also occur in adults, especially if you smoke or have allergies. Symptoms of glue ear – aside from hearing loss in one side – include:

  • Pressure in the ear
  • Pain in the ear canal
  • Tinnitus 

Burst Eardrum

The eardrum is very thin and can be burst or become punctured, affecting your hearing. If you’ve recently received a blow to the ear, been around very loud noises, or fallen into the water, you might have burst your eardrum and should seek help from a doctor. A burst eardrum is often accompanied by pain, dizziness, and ringing in the ears, and you’ll need a hearing test to determine the damage.

Ear Wax Build Up

When it comes to what causes hearing loss in one ear, a very common cause is simply ear wax buildup! This really isn’t a big deal and a doctor will be able to flush out the wax for you, reversing your hearing loss. You might also experience some pain, a dry cough, and pressure in the ear.

Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease is an inner ear disorder that’s fairly rare. It causes different types of hearing loss, including in just one ear where it most commonly begins. Nausea, dizziness, tinnitus, and ear pressure are all common symptoms, and if you think you may be suffering from Meniere’s disease you should always seek help from a professional.

Non-Cancerous Growths

A non-cancerous growth in the ear is rare, but it is one of the causes of hearing loss in one ear. A cholesteatoma is a skin cyst that can appear in the mastoid bone in the skull, as well as the middle ear. These growths can be caused by birth defects but more commonly occur after ear infections.

Tumors or Masses 

There’s also a small chance that your sudden hearing loss could be because of a brain tumor or mass. If you have other symptoms, such as headaches, blurred vision, nausea and/or vomiting, and confusion, you should seek medical help immediately for quick diagnosis and treatment. Even if they do find a mass, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cancerous, and the quicker it’s treated the higher chance you have that you’ll be okay.

Take the Causes of Hearing Loss in One Ear Seriously

If you’re looking into the causes of hearing loss in one ear, it’s important you take the problem seriously. It’s likely that you’ll be absolutely fine, but you should always seek medical help to make sure it’s nothing serious.

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By Manali