The Complete Guide to Online Video Advertising


Jan 27, 2022

Over the years, businesses have witnessed a change in their marketing strategies from the traditional medium of magazines, televisions, or newspapers to video advertising. This is because people are more glued to the visual medium. Moreover, business owners have seen how many new and innovative video marketing strategies have effectively connected with the viewers over the years. Hence more and more companies are consciously including and, in some cases, keeping a significant chunk of their marketing budgets for online video advertising.

Today, online video advertising is gaining more and more importance. With the launch of various platforms like TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts, businesses are getting more avenues to advertise their products.

In this article, we look at some insights and guides to the world of online video advertising.

What is Online Video Advertising?

Online Video Advertising is the latest, popular and effective form of marketing strategy, where businesses use engaging videos to promote their offerings to their target audiences. These videos can be in mobile ad formats, incorporating YouTube ads like skippable or non-skippable in-stream ads and out-stream ads, or using platforms like Instagram and Facebook to advertise as stories, reels, or carousels. There are numerous options that business owners can avail of for video advertising their products and services. They can research or team up with professionals to understand and finalize options that suit their offerings the best. 

Trends in the Online Video Advertising Space

Before getting into the trends working in the present times, one has to remember that the digital space is ever-evolving. Therefore, the trends or strategy that is efficiently working today can be replaced with a new trend tomorrow. That’s one of the reasons why a company’s marketing team needs to be well-versed with the changing trends in the digital world.

Know Your Audience

While making videos for marketing purposes, one should know the target audience. Your ideation will differ based on your different audiences. For instance, your young audiences may like peppy songs or dance numbers, while most of your older audiences may prefer soft, soothing numbers. Hence, you need to be aware of these insights to make an online videofor advertising purposes to attract and engage the right audience.

Be Mindful of the Video’s Length

Often marketers make the mistake of making long videos to show everything about the client’s products and services. Although there is no fixed length to adhere to to make video online, it would be best to keep the video clear and concise. Nowadays, people have a short attention span, and creating lengthy video advertising won’t serve the purpose. People might skip the video altogether when they see the length, and the business will miss out on attracting the target audiences.

Optimize the Video for Mobile Devices

Today everyone has mobile devices, and most of us resort to our mobile to do a mobile search or watch something while on the go. Hence, as mobile devices are always with people, marketers need to make online videos optimized for mobile devices. Also, be mindful of the orientation of the video while optimizing it to mobile devices, as most people watch videos holding their devices vertically. Hence, making video viewing dynamic for mobile devices will help you effectively advertise your products and services to your target audience.

Always Include Call to Action

Every video created for online advertising should include a Call to Action (CTA). It will be more effective if the CTA appears at the beginning of the video. A strong and compelling CTA will quickly direct the viewers to take relevant action after watching the video. Ensure to perform the A/B test after applying the CTA on the different platforms to know how effective they are with the viewers.

Explore Different Forms of Video Advertising

When we speak about online video advertising, there are multiple options that you can use. Therefore, businesses should try different video formats while advertising their offering to know which form works better for their products and services. The different forms to choose from are:

Personalized Video: In this type of video, one uses personal information to make a customized video to help connect with the audience emotionally.

Animation Video: Many people opt for animated videos to promote their products and services. Animation adds a playful element to the whole concept of the video, which makes it fun to watch.

Interactive Video: There is a live interaction with the audiences in these videos. Live stream shopping is the best example where audiences can see the products live on their screen and purchase immediately through a drop-down link to the product pages.

Social Media Video: Social media is one of the most popular mediums to do online video advertising. The advertising video is uploaded as a part of the feed or story or reels in the business handle. Most people are active on social media, making it one of the most sought-after channels to do online video advertising.


Businesses are taking the help of video to engage with their audiences, who tend to ignore other forms of advertising like text and banner ads. But before making an online video to advertise your offering, be aware of the ultimate goal that the video needs to achieve. Therefore, it is imperative to find the right experienced partner to help one understand the whole concept and aid in making some data-driven decisions. Moreover, online video advertising is here for the long run, and business owners should make good use of this medium of advertising.

By Manali