The way Technology has changed the World


Jan 27, 2022

Technology is the sum of methods, skills, advanced knowledge and the processes used in the production of goods and services for the betterment of mankind.

Today, technology has made possible the things that were unthinkable before the 21st century. Now we use technology on a daily basis regarding work like making things easier than ever before.

Besides, as a citizen of the United Kingdom, everything we use is in the palm of our hands. With the help of a smartphone, you can see what’s going on in the world and updates from every single second.

Earth 2.0:

World 2.0 was born at the end of the 20th century, where quantum physics changed the concepts of the scientific era; for instance, the up-gradation of the form of light from a wave into photons. Just like that, today, we are witnessing the rise in the technology race every moment of breath.

The tech industries are prioritised to work for the sake of humanity and for the planet. Therefore, let’s discuss the major changes in the world with the help of technology.

Saving the Crude Oil:

Crude oil is the source of producing the oil for various industries such as automobiles, types of machinery, etc. We all know oil is a gift, and we shouldn’t have to waste it for the fact it’s more than we imagined. Logically speaking, there’s is a time for everything. If something rises, it falls too, period.

Therefore, sitting in 2022 and witnessing again that for now we can use things that were designed for oil now can run on electricity, i.e., Tesla, BMW, etc., these companies have stepped up and made the impossible possible. This is called a technology revolution, and it’s for the betterment of the human race.

Spontaneously, technology shifts from good to better and better to best and so on. If we look at the 19th century, people used to hunt whales for whale oil (before the oil was not discovered from the soil) to use them for engines of trains and vehicles for fast transportations and vice versa.

Analogue to Digital:

Everyone knows about analogue and digital technology. In the old days, people used to calculate fractions, experiment results, and the closest values of voltages, current resistance, frequency, signal power, etc.

But with digital technology using digital meters can give you accurate results in the minimum time span, plus now all these technologies use AI technology which automatically calculates results within milliseconds.

Space Technology:

History tells us that space was anonymous for people of the earth, and with the capacity of our naked eye, we can’t see beyond that. Therefore, the great astronomer Galileo Galilei created an analogue telescope from which we can see beyond our range.

And now, this technology got advanced, now we can see our universe with the help of the Hubble telescope and recently discovered James Webb Space Telescope, which can see the past concurring time.

The technology used in Healthcare:

A healthy environment is the number one priority for humans. However, with the help of medical science, humanity has discovered cures for various diseases like cancer, tumour, heart attack, transplant, surgeries and many more.

However, changes in the field of smoking is a major impact on smokers to stay healthy using electric cigarettes like Geek Bar, Elfbar, and many more these e-cigarettes will save smokers from tar lungs.


Therefore, you have also witnessed how technology has changed the lives of millions from worst to better, and it’s still evolving towards betterment.

By Manali