Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger may have retired, but not before establishing himself as a juggernaut in the NFL. Two Super Bowl wins, 396 touchdowns, 64,000 passing yards, and consistent wins over an 18-year career highlight his impact on his team and the league at large. That may be all well and good, but let’s get down to the heart of things. How does his presence compare off the field? Is he more than a football phenom? Does he care about his community? Does Ben Roethlisberger donate to charity? Turns out, his heart is almost as legendary as his arm.

Huddling for Heroes

In 2006, just two years after being drafted into the NFL, Roethlisberger realized he wanted to make a difference beyond football. He began drafting plans to start the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation. Launched in 2007, its primary goal was to help local police and fire departments by providing grants to help with K-9 unit needs.

“My Dad instilled in me a love and respect for animals,” said Roethlisberger. “This is a good way to combine that passion with a desire to support the police and fire departments, which deserve all the appropriate resources needed to protect our cities and neighborhoods and allow these brave men and women to arrive home safely.”

Big Ben’s canine campaign wasn’t limited to the city of Pittsburgh, where he was a hometown hero thanks to his on-field triumphs with the Steelers. He provided grants for law enforcement departments in the cities of every regular season away game for the team. Since its inception, the foundation has allocated more than $2.2 million in support of police and fire departments throughout the United States. Of this, $1.8 million has been directly devoted to enhancing K-9 program initiatives.

The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation also worked with and raised funds for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Ronald McDonald House, and other community youth programs, granting wishes and providing hope to children over the years.

Technological Touchdowns for Infant Care

In a heartwarming pivot from the gridiron to global infant health, Ben Roethlisberger, alongside his wife Ashley, took on jaundice, a leading cause of newborn rehospitalizations and infant mortality worldwide. In 2019, they made a generous $2.5 million investment into NeoLight, a company dedicated to combating this condition with cutting-edge technology, paving the way to make jaundice treatment globally accessible to every affected baby. At the forefront of this mission, NeoLight’s Food and Drug Administration-approved innovations promise swift, effective treatment without the stress of NICU visits.

What drew the Roethlisbergers to NeoLight wasn’t the technology’s potential to save lives, but its empathetic approach toward both infants and their parents. Understanding the emotional and physical toll of traditional jaundice treatments, NeoLight designs prioritize patient comfort and convenience, which makes it possible for families to manage treatment from the comfort of their homes. The investment goes beyond a financial contribution — Roethlisberger stays involved by serving as a board member

Does Ben Roethlisberger Donate to Charity?

The answer to the question “Does Ben Roethlisberger donate to charity?” is a resounding yes — especially with his very own organization. In 2020 he rebranded the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation to align with a deeper, more personal cause, and to reflect that, reemerged with a new name: The Roethlisberger Family Foundation, which prides itself on creating substantial, positive changes within communities, especially emphasizing strengthening family units. 

He explained, “You might think football when you hear the name Roethlisberger, but I hope you think family, too. I’m blessed to have had a great career, with great people along the way to help me succeed, but my primary focus all along has been God and my family. Ashley and I want to nurture our children to grow in their faith, impact their community, and mature into strong men and women of God.

“We’ve created this foundation so others can come alongside us as we all journey together to forge stronger families. We invite you to join us. We will regularly provide resources and encouragement for you as well as host events and retreats. This is a Roethlisberger family affair. My wife, kids, and even my parents are joining us in this mission, and we are so glad you’re here.”

Inspired by his close relationship with his father and his own role as a father, his aim is to cultivate connections between dads and their sons through engaging outdoor activities. Whether it’s through fishing, camping, or simply enjoying nature, the goal is to build and strengthen relationships, creating memories that last a lifetime. Beyond the father-son dynamic, Roethlisberger and his wife also focus on fortifying marriages, planning retreats for couples to rejuvenate and strengthen their bonds. 

Teaming Up To Fight Hunger

In 2021, Pittsburgh’s own QB legend and velvety-voiced Christian pop musician Micah Tyler joined forces with Light of Life Rescue Mission, a Christian organization that provides services to the homeless, in a philanthropic power play. Their mission? To raise funds to kick hunger to the curb for the unhoused in Pittsburgh. The game plan: For every stylish Steelers-inspired black-and-gold T-shirt with Tyler’s Different brand purchased by fans, a meal would be provided to someone in need.

Doubling down on generosity, Big Ben and his family pledged to match every single donation. “It’s an opportunity to celebrate our differences by making a difference. I’m a quarterback, Micah a celebrated musician, and we are working together to bring a little hope into the city I love — Pittsburgh,” Roethlisberger stated in an interview.

What Is Roethlisberger Doing Now?

Using a multifaceted approach, Big Ben continues to serve the community, tackling causes with heart and action.

When it comes to his philanthropic work, Ben Roethlisberger brings the same energy, dedication, and heart that he brought to every game. He shows us that success — whether on the football field or in the field of giving — requires not just a strategic vision, but the willingness to put in the hard work to make that vision a reality. He’s the MVP of his charitable missions, calling the plays and following through, showing that true leadership is about action, not just words.

By Manali